A bad case of reality and a loopy roller coaster

Surely I did not truly believe I would have another fantasy-like day with the monkeys today.

But one can hope.

I checked back into my reality room there at the country school this morning and I instantly was reminded of the roller coaster ride a first grade teacher takes. 

Today I somehow ended up on the roller coaster with all the loopy loops.  And mist blowing.  You know, the tears.  Yep, I had one day off from the tears.  Four separate mist-blowers showed up today on our roller coaster. 

Are you wondering about the armor of God devotion?  We did indeed start the memorizing process today but spent more time discussing the definition of armor.  And boy did those little males zoom in on me!  All I had to say was battle and sword.  But that is where it stopped.  Any analogies I so carefully presented did not get past the thoughts of swords and battles.  I then made the mistake of mentioning that they would each need to choose a piece of armor to make for our skit.  Well, that is all I heard ALL DAY LONG. 

I am not too smart. 

It must have been that annoying headache I was battling all day long. 

I needed a sword, I guess. 

Or the helmet of salvation. 

You can only imagine my disappointment when I realized at 1:15 pm that today was actually Thursday, my long day.  There was no leaving the monkeys early on this day. 

That is when I scanned the hallways for some saint with Advil.  I had fought it long enough. 

I made it through the extended day.  I only drive kids home on Thursdays so carpool did not help the headache cause one bit.  I was literally exhausted by the time I dropped off the last kid at 4:20pm.  Almost sickly. 

Then I thought of the bath tub and the 50 remaining pages of my current book.  Once again, I was hopeful.

Oh yeah, those three kids of mine. 



My dear mom knows me forwards and backwards, ear to ear, etc., etc.

One look at me when I walked in her door to fetch Little Miss and she knew.  Either it was that obvious or she truly knows me.

Can you believe that sweet woman told me to shoo without the kids?  She was giving me 45 minutes to myself.  TO MYSELF, people.  Time for a bath.  It was a cold, gloomy sort of day here in Texas so as I drove home ALONE, I started craving coffee.  Of course I was obedient to the calling and ran into the coffee shop for a cup.  (Who says I am not submissive?)  The trip to the coffee shop took longer than I anticipated and the computer was calling my name once I arrived home.

As I drew my bath and located the book I was thinking about all the way home from school, I stopped for a second and thought how this was home.  Right then, at that very moment, it was home.  And I liked it.  Silence.  Warmth.  Book.  Coffee.  Solitude.  I sighed.  It felt good. 

Needless to say, by the time I finally gave myself to the warm waters of tubbyland, reality walked in the door.

Three of them, to be precise. 

They didn’t just walk into the house.  They had the nerve to knock on the bathroom door.  In truthfulness, they barged in on me, then walked out, then started knocking relentlessly. 

It was then that I knew I was home. 

Peaceful or not, it was reality.


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  1. Posted January 5, 2008 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    Peace and quiet…who needs it?!? LOL What a blessing, though, to have three wee ones who love and need you, right?!?
    Yep, “battle” and “sword” are definitely going to get attention, but down the road, I bet there will be results from the seed planted!
    Out of curiosity, and b/c my nephew has recently put their five-year-old on medication to ‘help him focus’, do you have many who are on some kind of med? (See my “Are We Truly ‘Mentally Ill’ “? and you’ll see my concern) When I was at the school, it was shocking how many were taking something and one little boy who was six and still in Pre-K would become stoned…literally. Not sure what he was taking and I was only there to teach remedial reading for a short while when the Bd of Ed was shifting people around (my degrees are business-related???), but it was disconcerting b/c the para-pro told me that “as long as the mother could show that something was wrong with him, she would get a check”! She said they had potty-trained him the year before and Mom put him back in pull-ups over the summer…just curious, and hoping it’s not like that at a Christian school! One of my other nephews goes to one outside of Atlanta (he’s three) and they’re already teaching him spanish but he prefers Art! LOL (Sounds like another “battle” and “sword” story, eh?)

    This time I’m going to add you to my blogroll so I don’t “lose” you!!

    God’s Blessings on You and Yours!

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