Thank you, thank you very much


This is our version of Elvis.  Without the hair.  The Lad told me at the last minute that he wanted to dress up as his biography character.  The only wig I found (making only two stops) was a $29 one.  I passed.

And apparently if the boy could not have the full outfit, he would not be Elvis at all. This pic of him was taken a tenth of a second before he stripped himself of all Elvis apparel and changed all the pronouns from I to he in his monologue.

Monologue no more.

I do believe the boy got stage fright.

I felt bad for the Lad but he takes all things in stride and is such a goofball. 

But I would like to insert right here that I was appalled that the child chose Elvis as his biography selection.  I must confess that I was rooting for someone like, say, Johann Sebastian Bach or Beethoven.  After all, I have only been forcing these great composers on them for the past few months now.  I would have settled for someone who made an impact like, say, MLK, Lincoln, or Rosa Parks.  What about good ole’ Sam Houston?  What about his favorite author?  The teacher in me wanted to scream.  Very loudly.  But for this particular young man to be able to speak in front of his peers at all is amazing so beggars just can’t be choosers. 

I was obviously unsuccessful at convincing the Lad of anything.  He had Elvis on his mind so Elvis it was.  And are you wondering about his new obsession with the KING?  So are we.  One day he came home from school doing a rather impressive impersonation of, “Thank you, thank you very  much.”  That is when it started and I wish I could say that is when it ended.  Thankyou.  Thankyouverymuch.


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