I am NOW completely convinced that pride surely cometh before the fall

Over the past few days I have read about a number of folks in bloggyland struggling with the whole family being sick.  I have caught myself smiling, exclaiming internally how our family somehow escapes the repetitive viruses.  We rarely get sick one after the other and the few times we have, our little viruses last for less than 12 hours.  And none of us have been real sick for years.  Well, besides Dengue Fever and toxins in the kidneys.  It is all or nothing around here.

Well, I am now swallowing my pride.  And it tastes rather icky! 

The husband came down with a bit of a stomach bug Saturday night.  It was nasty for him but short lived.  Little Miss got a touch of it and threw up once. . . on the bathroom floor.  Thank the good Lord it was not on the carpet. 

So when yesterday came and went, I sighed, knowing that we had escaped further illness. 

As I was sighing, that little bug was manifesting itself in the body of our little Pumpkin.  A few minutes after the clock struck midnight, I heard, “Mommy, I think I am throwing up.”  She was standing at our door, bless her little heart, losing all she had in her tummy.

I will spare you the details.  Let me just say that I am happy that in a few weeks we are tearing up the carpet in the halls and living areas.  The child puked right on the line of where we will leave the carpet and the point where we will replace it.  She is certainly not the first child that has lost their supper at our doorstep so that small spot in our wee hallway is screaming for a makeover. 

Any-who, we had a big mess to clean up.  The cast got in the way and so did the hair.  After a bath and some loving, Pumpkin settled on a mat on our floor with a trash can and towels close by.  That trash can was visited every 1/2 hour.  Almost exactly.  It was pitiful.  And exhausting. 

Needless to say, we are all lacking sleep. 

I had my first hateful moment about teaching/working at 4 am.  The husband and I were talking in bed about who would stay home with the sick child.  I was about to pop up and prepare lesson plans and instructions to email to a sub.  UUGH!  Teachers can’t just NOT SHOW UP.  It is easier to just go in.  I hate that fact.  I despise the fact that I was even thinking about school instead of totally pampering my ill child.  That is a whole another post. 

The husband had an important meeting at 1pm that he could not miss. Our resolution was for me to go to work but leave at noon (after most of my core teaching is completed) and come home to relieve the husband so he could scoot onto his meeting. 

Plan went well but Pumpkin is still puny.  She must be feeling a bit better for she has started to perpetually aggravate her little sister this afternoon. 

As I rest my head on my pillow tonight, I will be prepared for another bomb.  Which child (or maybe even me) will wake us up tonight?  I will assure you that the trash can is ready and towels are spread out by my door.  Oh yes they are!

I refuse to fall tonight.  The fall has come so the pride is gone. 

I hope.


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  1. Posted January 10, 2008 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    I struggle daily about whether to go back to teaching when the kids get to be school age, or homeschool. One of the worries I always have is what will happen if one of the kids gets sick. I think that in 6 years of teaching, I had 2 sick days, and I HATE to miss. You are right…it IS easier to just go in.

    How in the world did you get Dengue Fever???

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