A few special young ladies

Our local high school put on a production of Annie this weekend.  Of course the girls and I were interested in seeing in it – especially when we found out that a few special young ladies that we know have starring roles in it.  Who does a little girl adore and look up to more than her babysitter?  Throw in a couple of other teenage friends and we were psyched about going.

I remember attending all of Friendswood High School’s musical productions when I was a child and being in awe with the actors and actresses.  I had to obtain their autograph and have my photo taken with them.  And my girls obviously had the same feeling.  There was not a thought of us leaving after the show (well, Mom wanted to go) before we hugged the girls and had a photo session for the blog (that was Pumpkin’s idea). 



Our only disappointment?  Annie’s hair.  They went Disney princess-ish, not the traditional curly top Annie.  Little Miss looked at me in the beginning and said, “Hey!  She does not have curly hair.  I can be Annie.  Look at this hair!”  If her hair were the color of Daddy’s hair or especially her Aunt’s hair, then she would most certainly be quite the candidate for the role.


I did not know this young lady could sing like she did.  Talent!  Her momma has a lovely voice so I guess it should not surprise me. 

And the girl in the top photo?  She was part of a trio and has a gorgeous voice as well.   Her sister is the one in the next photo and I loved watching her as one of the orphans.  She has a beautiful smile.  It goes with her sweet spirit.  I am more than happy that my wee girls look up to these three young ladies.

We do not take advantage of using the public school system here in the district but I would like to admit that John H. Horn High School is doing something right.  They did a great  job!  And it only cost me $26 bucks for the three of us to view such grand entertainment. 

And I thought my tax dollars were truly at work.  Evidently they don’t give enough to the fine arts department.

Way to go to all of you who somehow contributed to the production (we know 4 others who played some part in the show). 

Please do not forget that



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  1. Posted January 14, 2008 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    Oh what fun!! I was an orphan in Annie during High School. What a great play to do.

    FUN that you shared it with your girls. You are a good mommy! Know that? You are…

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