Do you know what this means?


Are you able to see the words on the screen?

Here, let me help.


Okay, so that DIDN’T help.

It says at the top:  ENROLLMENT PACKET 

This means that our last child will soon join the school-age kiddos and no longer be a preschooler.  Nope, I will not have a single preschooler in this house.  A part of me gets a little giddy about that.  The other part starts to mourn.  I will be honest and confess that the first degree of my mourning started in July when some ladies at our church cornered me and tried to convince me to participate in the new MOPS program our church was sponsoring.  I had just accepted this part time teaching job and used that as my initial excuse.  I also mentioned that this was really my last year to have a preschooler so it would be pointless.   Do you think that sweet woman stopped there?  Oh no!  She mentioned that since I was a more “seasoned” mom, I could be a mentor. 

I have not yet decided how to interpret that. 

a) I am old

b) They feel sorry for me

c) My brother AND my father are on staff.  They have to include me.

d) They see my perfect children and know I will be a flawless example for any and all frazzled moms. 

 I vote for d.  🙂

I am certain you must be thinking how on earth could I return to work when I still had a kid at home?  Well, I think that too. 

That is a whole other story for another day and a new post.

I have lots to say about sending my youngest off to school (and by off to school, I mean in the classroom next to mine) but I am pretty certain I will only be repeating myself next August once that Little Miss heads off to Kindergarten (we call it Primer at our school).  I will spare you the tears via the internet.

I’ll just return to my comfy spot by the fire and finish filling this application out.   I will be wiping away a few tears as well.


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    As you probably know from reading my blog, I LOVE MOPS!!!!!! It has been the absolute best thing for me as a mom! It is hard to convey to people just how wonderful it is until you attend a meeting. Anyway, I know you are too busy right now, but someday if your circumstances change, I think you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity to be a Mentor Mom! They are not looking for perfect people, only those who are willing to share their experience, to let the moms know they are not alone, and to show the moms that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is worth it all. 🙂

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