Being crabby about being crabby

My brain is fried. 

I need to enter semester grades.

Gotta get the husband ready for a trip.

Need to spend some time with that husband.

The lesson for Sunday morning is unprepared.

Kids aren’t too pleased with bedtime.

These blasted surveys are still sitting on the floor glaring at me!

So maybe this post could turn into a gripe session.  I think I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Let me stop my whining right this very minute and hash out a few of my feelings instead.

I find myself becoming stressed and grumpy before the husband heads out of town.  Missing him is a given but I am also very selfish and spoiled.  He constantly helps me out with the kids and around the house so when he is gone, I work extra hard.  Have I told you how wonderful he is?  I was extra crabby this evening and I became even more cross because I was being so cross!  UUGH!  I can’t recall being this unsure of my husband’s absence before.  As I was thinking about this I was struck with a hidden fear.  I believe I just might be fearing my husband’s health this time.  Contracting a tropical disease never crossed our minds during our numerous trips to Guatemala UNTIL we were introduced to Dengue Fever last August.  We didn’t care for that new friend very much and I am apprehensive about my husband getting reacquainted with a Dengue Fever-infested mosquito. 

So as I head on over to that bed and crawl in next to my dear one, I will continue to pray for his health and my peace that passes all understanding.

Please feel welcome to join in on those prayers too.

Thank you! 

Oh!  And can you throw in a few more requests while you’re at it?

Our three kids to be amazingly calm and obedient.

My monkeys at school to be on their best behavior.

I can enter my grades quickly and easily this week.

My husband will have a safe and productive trip.

My folks can help out with Little Miss in the mornings (the husband completely deals with Little Miss in the mornings).

We all stay well. 

Thank you!!


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  1. Sheli
    Posted January 26, 2008 at 11:50 am | Permalink

    We prayed for all of you last night.

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