Why stop the trend now?

My last post shared all of  my recent mishaps.  I am now laughing about them but am still feeling the physical effects from ALL of them.  I am afraid I am getting a glimpse of my future elderly self (although it is feeling way too real at this point).

Today after church, lunch, and some down time at home, I met up with a friend and her family at our local park.  Little Miss had a desire to ride her bike instead of traveling 1.1 miles via car.  Pumpkin pouted a bit about not being able to ride her bike (you know, the broken arm) and The Lad claimed he will never ride again (not sure why) so the rest of us made the journey on foot.  We did not walk!  We had to keep up with a wild five year old on her bike.  My husband made the comment recently about how the new bike meant one thing – we would have to run faster to keep up with her!  Those wee little bikes prevent speed.  And that is a good thing when you have a reckless driver like we have around here.  So I frantically chased after her fearing all alleys and stop signs.  All went well, even crossing the busier street. 

Then we headed home.

We said goodbye to our friends while they piled in their car and we started the race trip home.  Little Miss seemed a little more reckless so I started running next to her, blocking her from potentially veering into the busy street.  I was fearful.  But I was fearing the wrong thing!  She started turning towards me, I grabbed the handle bars to redirect the wild child.  Her response was to jerk control from me and ended up completely knocking me down.  She came down as well, on top of her bike.  While I was worried about her, I was shocked.  The first thing I remember is a car coming to a complete halt with two sweet ladies wanting to know if I was okay.  My friends later told me that the truck behind that first car nearly rear ended it.  Once I got up, I noticed several more cars full of people who were witnessing my graceful beating fall.  I immediately was concerned about my right hand (the same hand injured last night).  Now my little finger was not only throbbing, it was bent and the whole right side was bruised and aching.   UUGHH!   

My sweet, sweet friends quickly drove over to where we were, grabbed Little Miss to check her out.  She was grabbing her arm that looked strangely limp.  I was terrified that we now had TWO children with broken arms and a momma with a broken hand.  It turned out that Little Miss bruised her belly on the handle bars and quickly recovered.  My friend’s husband walked the older kids home while I got a free ride with Little Miss.  We came home and I was thankful my injuries were VERY minimal.  I am so grateful that no bones were broken from the incident.  I was so happy that I decided to make supper and fresh cookies for my sweet friends who came to my rescue.  It was good to have adult company. 

AND my friend even got on her hands and knees to scrub skid marks off my floor.  Now that is a friend.  This friend, that I will call S, is a newer friend from my community group.  You would have thought she was my sister or friend from preschool or something.  She also offered to help fold laundry and vacuum.  I love my new friend.  She also has the cutest three boys you have ever seen.  I would post pics of those little dearies but my computer is temperamental this evening.   Love ya, S! 

This whole silly ordeal made me think about my lesson for the Elementary big group Bible story that I taught today.  The virtue for the month is orderliness so today’s emphasis was on a time for everything, for everything there is a season . Go ahead, sing.  I did.  One of my points was that even when a season in life seems yucky, like bad grades, a pet dying, a bully, etc. there is good to it.  When my husband is gone it never fails that friends come out of the woodwork and show me amazing depths of love and care.  For everything there is a season and I am so glad that when winter comes and is cold and gloomy and maybe painful, God blesses me with friends that I really had not realized their commitment before the storm.

Instead of continuing the trend of mishaps this week, my prayer is now to be a blessing to others who might be in a yucky season. 


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  1. Sheli
    Posted January 28, 2008 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    I love you too…your friendship means the world to me.

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