Let me bore you with my afternoon activities and praises of my husband

 Today was my early day to leave school in time to rush to pick up Little Miss from preschool.  All three kids had 2:20 dentist appointments.  I should have taken the first hint of Little Miss yelling, “I am NOT going to the dentist” as we were leaving school and stopped all thoughts of going anywhere with my little angels.  But I am having a good week regardless of what she says so I went on mumbling, “uhhhhhhhhhummm” and basically ignored her.  She usually forgets she is being stubborn and gives in.  

Today was not the usual. 

She threw a fit at the dentist office.  When the assistant called her name, it was nasty.  NASTY!  Little Miss kicked and screamed and refused to let go of my shirt.  I looked at that dear woman and asked her what I should do.  She replied, ” Are you okay with just letting me take her?” 

Well, duh.  Do you think I want to hang on to a kicking, screaming, little toot?  

No thank you. 

I am obviously not one of the most sensitive mothers. 

I did, however, feel bad. 

For the dental staff, not for Little Miss.

The only downer to her fit besides complete humiliation was that they (the staff) did not approve of me running down the street to the post office.  Typically I can run a quick errand during their examinations but I was not to wander far in case World War III just happened to break out right there in that pediatric dentist office.

It didn’t.  In fact, Little Miss came running out telling me how fun the dentist was and that she was a helper. 

Have you figured out which child is relentlessly aging me? 

Well, all three kids were cavity free.  Smile.  Pumpkin, as we predicted, has serious spacing issues and will have to start some procedures to help that.  As the dentist was telling me how her teeth have come in and the lack of space and big teeth, I was thinking how much it sounded like the story of my mouth.  Same teeth being pulled, same big front teeth, etc, etc.  The good news is when I mentioned a spacer, she smiled real big and started naming off friends who have one.  Sometimes peer pressure can work in a mom’s favor. 

After choking on the cost of this future dental work, I loaded up the kids.  The wind was absolutely horrendous today so my skinny little girls were about to take off with their balloons.  I am not kidding.  It was that bad.  Our hair was all in our face, shirts flying up, and balloons flapping all over the place.  It was wild. I sat in the driver’s seat thinking that I did not want to go home to an empty house, with no Daddy coming home.   I thought it would be sad and quiet.  So I headed to the mall with all THREE children. 

Nothing like a mall with three children to cure one from the fear of solitude.

Actually, the children did very well.  I was rather proud. 

Pumpkin was on a mission and had dragged Little Miss in on it.  Both of the girls will attend the annual Daddy Daughter Dance here in town next week so Pumpkin quickly informed me that it was time for a new dress.  The child is clever.  Very, very clever.  She knows my weakness to spend money when Daddy is absent.  She does indeed.  So, not wanting to go home and the desire to spend money (not really), led me to the mall.  Did I mention my son was with us? 

There we were at the mall, entering every store that could possibly have a nice dress or two for Daddy’s little princesses.  Two girls on a hunt for the perfect dress and one boy who wanted to be anywhere but there.  And a mom not sure why the idea ever popped in her head. 

Oh yes.  It was that little blond headed angel and her continuous begging (actually she only asked once and I agreed).  That little blondy was greatly enjoying herself.  She is extremely particular about making choices, esp. when it comes to clothing.  She likes to be hip but is also picky about textures.  So the hunt went on and on and on.  We did hit a gold mine in Dillards.  They had fancy dresses marked down 70%.   I was full of glee.  But the variety made our hunt last forever.  She could not choose.  The Lad had been very gracious and was a great sport but between him and Little Miss getting ancy, I knew it was time to bolt. 

One must not rush a princess.  A princess trying on 1,004 dresses.  A princess with a broken arm and a cast way past her elbow.  It was an exhausting process for this Queen Mom.  It was challenging adjusting that stiff little arm to fit thru all the straps and sleeves of those dresses.  It was an ordeal!  Little Miss only tried on 4 and was rather independent about it.  She quickly chose the one she wanted and attempted to run through the store showing all who were interested.  And there were a few who were definitely interested.  Their oohs and aahs did not help.   I settled the wild one down, threatened The Lad and continued helping Pumpkin – who had finally made a decision. 

Until we walked by another rack of dresses. 

Back to the dressing room.

I will insert here that The Lad was showing amazing patience.  His comments about being bored and hungry were quickly increasing.  I didn’t blame him. 

Pumpkin did settle on a dress.  I was not as keen on it like the others but  her comment, ” Daddy will just think I am so pretty” convinced me it was about her, not about my opinions. 

The meltdown started as I was paying for the dresses.  I simply said we could go straight home and not grab something to eat. 


I fed them a cheap supper from the food court.  The dentist actually gave free Chick-fil-a coupons to the children for being on time for their appointments.  The children did great and seemed to enjoy eating out AGAIN (shhh!  We won’t tell daddy – at least until he returns :)).  We came home, bathed, finished homework, and then watched a movie from the library.  Bedtime was not as smooth as last night – that might of had something to do with Little Miss being at Nana’s last night. 

Little Miss needed a bit more attention tonight so I held her and just enjoyed her for a bit.  It gets rough around here without our beloved Daddy. 

I am off to bed.  It is very tranquil and it is making me sleepy. 

Once again, I am so very thankful for a positive attitude.  It seemed to be a little unsteady at times today but the Lord is faithful.  He has given me moments to enjoy my children and challenges to love them even more.  He has also shown me that I am one spoiled rotten wife.   I am thankful that I am married to a man who is so active in the lives of his children.  They depend on him and adore him.  It is a very mutual admiration.  His wife is pretty fond of him as well.



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted January 29, 2008 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    Oh my gosh, have you had coffee tonight? You’re hilarious! I can’t imagine the chaos of managing three children at Dillards and trying on a million dresses over an arm in a cast! Wow – you’re a Super Mom. Glad you didn’t have to cook tonight. I love those chick fil a coupons! Have a good, restful night and I hope the time without Daddy goes by quickly.

  2. Posted January 29, 2008 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

    Whew! You wear me out! I think you did more today than I do in a week!

    Free Chick-Fil-A coupons might actually convince me to make an appointment for a cleaning!

    I take really good care of myself…aside from going to the dentist. I’m petrified!

  3. Posted January 31, 2008 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

    I need a nap now… Oh wait – it’s bedtime! I’m exhausted, you just wore me out!

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