A whole other constitution

In case you are unaware, I teach first grade.  Yep, I am blessed with 18 six year olds.  The bunch I have this year is an active one indeed but very intelligent and inquisitive.  In other words, they love to talk.  And I fit in with them rather well.  Although they are a bright bunch of monkeys, their vocabulary is still developing. 

Every day I write a morning message to them.  I include information about their upcoming day, questions, and sometimes tidbits of my life. This week I informed them that my husband, also known as Mr. Juggle (he is the beloved favorite chapel guest thanks to his juggling skills) was in Guatemala for the week.  Being the teacher that I am, I marched over to the map on the wall and proceeded to show them where the country was located.  I used the moment as a review of the continents.  We named all seven.  As I was getting back to the original lesson, one monkey raised his hand and mentioned the constitution in which we dwell in was called North America.  Well,  at least he got the North America part correct.

They are, however, extremely familiar with the world continent.  For every time I ask them where I go to find the contents of my book, it never fails that one or more of them hollers out, “The table of continents!” 

You do know that the sweet little girl with the broken leg was using crunches. 

A plus sign is a cross.

The correct spelling of the name Jacob is obviously “Jakup.”

Mrs. Knight is spelled all wrong.  Who needs the k when you have the n?

And Mrs. Knight just happens to have chalk on her rear end on a daily basis.  And is repeatedly reminded of the fact.  

Eight of the students declared they had boo-boos on their hand so were therefore unable to use the Germ X before snack time.  Sounds like a domino effect to me. 

One set of tears were due to a cutting in line incident.

Tears flowed once more over a game of Twister. 

John supposedly thinks Mary is only 6, not 7.  Tears again.

Torn paper brought on more tears.

Losing 3 bears (my discipline method – like color changes) brought the flood. 

Yes, our class constitution must have included, ” Will have tears at least 6 times daily.” 

And Lord have mercy,  they stick to it.

Never a dull moment.  But maybe I need to work on vocabulary skills a wee bit more.  🙂



  1. Posted February 1, 2008 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Oh, mercy! Your opening statement in which you sugar-coated the fact that your class is talkative could have come right out of my mouth. I think all of my classes were energetic and bright. (She said wryly!)

    On getting words wrong…each year, we would have a “Chamorro Fiesta,” when we would dress up in island clothes and eat Guam food. Without fail, the kids called it the “Tomorrow Fiesta!”

  2. sincerelyanna
    Posted February 2, 2008 at 6:41 pm | Permalink

    My tears started flowing as soon as I read “18 six year olds”

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