Monthly Archives: January 2008

Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

For some reason I had a greater interest in MLK this year and a mission to reflect on his life and consider what his actions/words meant to our country.  And as I was striving to focus on this being a special day and not just a holiday (which it was not for our family since we […]

Before and After

 A few of you have been begging for pictures of our new paint.  I finally got around to granting your wish.  Before: After: The living room before: The living room after: My husband and I started laughing at Pancakes for Parents last week when a teacher read If you Give a Pig a Pancake.  If […]

This is why I do what I do

I am back from scrapbookingville.  Yes, I am revived but not too keen on all the duties that never seem to disappear. Any-who. After briefly being reacquainted with bloggyland, I entered the living room and found this: Apparently my dearly beloved has intently viewed my 2007 album for the last 25 minutes.  And he is still at […]

Pancakes with Parents

I love being a parent.  I love to eat pancakes. Yesterday I was able to attend the pancake breakfast for parents at Little Miss’ preschool.  I must confess that events like that once made me a nervous wreck and I would have rather just skipped it.  But yesterday I loved every minute of it.  I […]

See ya later

I am off to another world for 52 hours.  And my departure could not come at a better time.  My two girls are in the midst of a squabble and I have had it.  So, hello world of scrapbooking and good-bye mommyville.  I will be back with (hopefully) a completed album and a new and improved […]

Anyone need Pottery Barn Kids baby items?

Do you or somebody you know need a Pottery Barn Kids shower curtain (white with a bit of blue and cute little yellow ducks)?  Do you need nursery bedding for a little girl?  I propose these questions with sadness and with a bit of glee!  I am sad to part with the shower curtain I bought 6 years ago […]


I somehow ended up on a blog written by a dear husband of a strong young lady with Cystic Fibrosis.  And as of January 8, he is a daddy to a wee miracle baby named Gwyneth Rose.  He has an amazing story and a encouraging outlook on life.  To say I have been blessed to […]

I’m just sayin

It is 7:44 am on a Thursday (a school morning) and here I sit in my jammies in front of my faithful computer.  The husband drove carpool in for me and left 41 minutes ago.  Little Miss is still snoozing . I have folded three loads of laundry, made three beds, washed dishes, packed her […]

Just hanging out

Sorry the posts have been slim this week.  We are hanging out at my folks’ house while the painters are doing their magic.  Magic indeed!  It is looking fabulous!  I am so pleased (so far).  Would someone PLEASE remind me how tickled I am about this paint job when I write them a check?  Thank […]

The painters are coming! The painters are coming!

Tomorrow at 8:30am, we will welcome painters into our home.  I feel absolutely giddy about this and a bit frivolous.  We should do this ourselves but when that thought comes to mind, all I can envision is WEEKS of discombobulation.  And discombobulation equals overwhelmation (that is my favorite made-up word).   I can justify all of […]