Generation to Generation

To some, I am known as the queen of fondue.  Any excuse to pull out my 52   5 fondue pots works for me.  And do I have a plethora and variety of pots!  I have a heart-shaped one for chocolate, an electric one, two Sterno-powered ones, and the most wonderful clay pot that makes a killer chocolaty creation.  It just pops right in the microwave and cleans up in a snap.  I add goodies to the chocolate as desired (but, really, who needs extra stuff on chocolate?).   One of my Sterno ones came right out of the 60’s.  It is avocado green with dark wood trimmings.  Groovy.

It was given to me by the one who started this love of fondue in my beloved and me.  It was after a weekend spent up in Philly with Shelley and fam that I finally made sense of a wedding gift I had received about 18 months earlier.  I had opened up this clay pot thingy at one of my wedding showers, but the giver was not in attendance so I had no clue what the thingy was.  Or what it did.  So after returning from Philly and wobbling back into our apartment full of chocolate fondue, I plopped on the couch, glanced up on a shelf in my kitchen, and cried out with joy.  I had spotted that clay thingy and realized (voice from God) that THAT pot would be the beholder of many memories. Yummy ones, actually.  I had the husband yank that thing down and from that day forward, we have been known to whip out a quick and delicious dessert. 

But it didn’t stop there.  We were then introduced to a new restaurant, The Melting Pot.  Thanks, Sarah and Bill!  Little did we know that fondue went way beyond chocolate and its fruity companions.  We were addicted – but poor.  I had to figure out a way to enjoy this new found yumminess without sacrificing feeding my children for a year.  So thinking I did. 

Step one.  Buy my own pot for the broth.  The one I had was only for chocolate. My first electric pot was a gift that Christmas.  And that was the year we started. 

Step Two.  Figure out how to make the cheese fondue without creating a lumpy mess. 

Step Three.  Find folks who would enjoy a three course fondue meal with us.

Step three was easy.  Step two, well, it took a few tries.  Step one was completed with the gift of my electric pot.

Somehow, when we moved to Texas, word got out that here at the Knightly manor, fondue ruled.  I was even asked to give a 10-15 minute presentation at a women’s event at our church.  Despite the fact that my audience consisted of approximately 250 ladies, the husband felt that he should be there to offer me moral support.  He ended up being on stage with me providing his tasting abilities – not the support I anticipated.  He also had to show off a few rules of fondue.   His favorite one of all time? 

 If (and, in his case, not if but when and how often) you happen to drop a piece of bread into the cheese, or beef in the broth, or a strawberry in the chocolate, you must redeem a kiss from you significant other.  You would not believe how sloppy of an eater that man becomes when I pull out the fondue.  Amazing.  Have I mentioned that he is definitely a man of touch? 

Our love for the stuff and the experience – if you do it right, then a lovely meal with the one(s) you love should last over 2 hours.  To some (like my dad) it is ridiculous to spend that much time eating.  His point being that why should he slowly cook his food when one (like my mom) can make him a meal and he could eat it in one gulp?  Good point, dad, but the whole idea is the experience.  And that is where the idea appeals to my man and me.  He is definitely a time-spent type of guy along with touching, words of encouragement, etc, etc.  We have discovered that fondue is a means to bring people together, to force conversation and quality time. 

We dig that.  I think those hippies in the sixties were onto something! 

Any-who. . .  we have obviously not kept our love hush hush from others but we did manage not to let the goodness touch the lips of our off-springs.

Until they got smart. 

One day, about a year ago, they smelled it. 

We were caught.

The love was passed on from one generation to another.   Some traditions are just too good (tasty!) not to pass on!






  1. Tiffany
    Posted February 16, 2008 at 5:06 pm | Permalink

    Ok, I think you should be obligated to share your cheese and broth recipes for those of us quite inexperienced in this whole fondue thing. My kids would love this!

  2. Posted February 20, 2008 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    I have never been to a fondue party, but I know I would love it. My FIL inhales his food before I barely have a chance to start, and then starts fidgeting around, wanting dessert. Drives me CRAZY!

    I think we have a Melting Pot somewhere around here, but I’ve never been.

    Maybe I should just fly over to your house, and you can throw a little fondue party for me?

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