What’s on your refrigerator? Meme


What’s On Your Refrigerator? Meme

I have been tagged by Robin over at Heart of Wisdom for this meme. 


We all have refrigerators and most of us have personal items on the doors that reveal a little about our lives. The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone a little bit better.  It will help your readers get to know you and help you to get to know other bloggers.

Not sure if you want to see what is on my fridge or not but here it is . . .


By viewing others’ refrigerator exteriors, you might just learn something about them.  I do believe it is rather obvious if one has children.  I have cleaned up our fridge recently and now prefer to display a few pictures in a more attractive fashion.  Will you ever find a drawing on our door?  You bet!  An invitation?  One went up today.   That picture of the little boy named Ary is our sponsor child living in Zacapa, Guatemala.  We met him on a trip and have the privilege as a family to pray for him and send monthly support.  When we visited his original orphanage this past August, we discovered that he was not there.  Nobody seemed to know exactly where he is but we still pray for him.  Our son esp. has taken an interest in this activity.

What you do not see is the side of our appliance.  That is where I keep our running grocery list, magnets, and other various items.  On one side, I keep a white magnetic basket that holds pertinent papers like current class newsletters for each child, paperwork for classes, etc.  It has been a great way to keep up with all the stuff that comes home with the children.  I go thru it once every week or two and tend to what is required and throw unrelated items out. 


Anybody want to play along? Take a photo of your fridge and post it.  Then leave a comment here so we can check it out. 


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