The heart of the music

The husband and I were very excited to receive this yesterday. . .


Until our children plus a few neighborly ones started banging playing on it.


The husband’s sweet, sweet grandmother went home to be with Jesus last January.  Have I mentioned how much I adored her?  She might have been my husband’s paternal grandmother but she was my grandmother as well.  I loved her like I loved my own Nanny and Mammaw.  So when she asked me before she died what I wanted of her earthly possessions, I asked her a question: “What is very important to you and holds the most memories?”  She said that the dining room set belonged to her mother.  It not only stayed in the family but it was the centerpiece of many beloved family gatherings. And if you knew Great Grandmother, then you know that time with her family was all she ever wanted.  That is what she valued.  So I think the table held dear memories for her.  I can’t leave out that she was an excellent cook -my bulging tummy is proof of all the memories made while sitting with the rest of the Knightly clan. 

While I have yet to find a spot for that table and china cabinet (that held many more precious memorabilia), I long to keep them in the family.  One day I hope to have a formal dining room and you better believe I want those items there.  I want to carry on the tradition of family gatherings.  Times when just dining and being a family is all that matters in this crazy world.  True, I can do this without that dining room set.  And maybe I will never have it in my home . . . but it currently serves as a reminder that my husband and children come from a long line of love.   Oh how wonderful it is to be a part of that love. 

The piano?  We made a spot for the piano.  The children have started showing a strong desire to play piano.  I would not mind picking up where I left off (which is basically a wee beginner).  I am not the musical type.  I was kicked out of church choir at 16.  That is a whole other post.  For another time.

Back to the piano.  The husband’s folks flew to Amarillo last week and then rented a truck to haul this piano home to us.  Have I also mentioned that I have the best in-laws anybody could even HOPE for?!?!  I do.  

With 4 something hundred friends helping out, this 1929 piano found its home here at the Knightly manor.  I sat down on the bench and started talking to my father-in-law about him growing up with his mom playing that piano.  Apparently she sat her little girl in her lap when she was merely 5 and taught her to play from a little Golden Book music book (which Great Grandmother gave to me several years earlier).  Now Aunt Ella Jane is a gifted pianist.  I love when she starts playing Christmas carols when we are all together for the holidays.  Of course my dream is that one of my children will continue the Knightly tradition of being a gifted musician.  I will insert right here that not an ounce of musical talent can be found in my gene pool.  Nope.  Not a one. 

So tonight as I glance at that piano now occupying most of my living room wall, I think about my family.  Actually, I think about how my family (well, me) joined up with another precious family.  How family is the happiness that we allow when we surrender ourselves to love others.  To wholly accept and cherish each other. 

Coming from a long line of love (words from a song by Paul Overstreet) is such an appropriate phrase to describe my husband’s family.  When I was all but engaged to my beloved 12 years ago, I was quickly convinced that my love had strong roots.  His family had already won my heart so when the time came to finally meet his grandparents I feared nothing.  What I would later find out that I should have feared was that I would fall completely in love with them and grieve them as I did my very own grandparents.  But that first evening they were in town and I walked into the house during the evening news, my eyes beheld a sight I will never forget.  My future husband led me into his den where I witnessed a selfless and long lasting love.  There sat Grandmother on the sofa with her 84-year-old feet plopped in the lap of her 85-year-old husband.  They sat there, the two of them, watching the news as they did daily without truly noticing the tender love being exchanged.  Grandaddy sat there rubbing those tired feet just as he did everyday. 

I giggled. 

I really did giggle. 

I guess that is when they turned their heads and noticed that they were not alone.  It was then that something told me I was into something good. 

Oh yes I was. 

And I am still into something good and my heart’s desire is that our love will flow over into our children and that they may experience God’s love through the blessings of loving others. 

May that piano be a means of sharing joy and love with each other. 

Tonight I am thankful to that sweet lady I had the privilege of loving as a grandmother and the man I loved as a grandaddy.  Sure, now we have some of their worldly possessions (including their freezer :))   Thank you, dear Ella Jane, for loving me like I have never been loved before.  You are the aunt I never had.  Thank you for sharing your family with me and somehow magically making me a part of it. 

Thanks to all three of you for being the heart of the music in my family.  The heart of love and joy we share in our Lord and Savior. 



Aunt Ella Jane and Pumpkin 12/07



Great Grandmother and Great Grandaddy with our three children 11/02.



  1. Posted February 26, 2008 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Aw, precious post. I can just feel the love you have for your family, and vice-versa.

  2. Siv
    Posted February 29, 2008 at 10:26 pm | Permalink

    What a wonderful tribute to Grandmother and Grandaddy! Yes, they were truly one-of-a-kind. Can’t wait to see them again in heaven!! :o)

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