Monthly Archives: February 2008

It’s back

Where it belongs. After 62 days out of our care, our beloved Henrietta the Honda has returned from the Honda hospital.  She is safely tucked into the garage.  We are all thrilled to have her back with us.  She was still basically new when the accident occurred but we had stopped calling her the “new […]

Do you see why I am so proud?

I just had to share a few more pics of my girls from their big evening with Daddy.  Our Pumpkin is quite the poser.  Do you notice the right arm in the “L” position?  She had her cast removed 3 hours earlier.  She was thrilled to be free from that pink bondage.  Just in time for […]

Just a little something (or two) that makes me smile

                            Don’t these two sweet (identical) faces make you smile?  These are my twin nephews, Ben and Paul.  I think I have them in the right order.  Yikes!  Can’t tell them apart in pictures.

Generation to Generation

To some, I am known as the queen of fondue.  Any excuse to pull out my 52   5 fondue pots works for me.  And do I have a plethora and variety of pots!  I have a heart-shaped one for chocolate, an electric one, two Sterno-powered ones, and the most wonderful clay pot that makes a killer […]

And with a joyful heart

My Valentine’s day actually went rather well.  I took heed to some advice about taking a few minutes a day to do something that could (or most likely will) change your day, to maybe make it more joyful.  I originally thought that this practice would work well at home, not thinking that it would be […]

Okay, so we did do a little bit of celebrating

Fondue with the most wonderful community group in the world!  Love you guys!                       My cute Pumpkin and I decorated one girly Valentine’s box for the contest at school. And  yet to come . . . Pictures from our love-your-family day on Saturday. 

Maybe, just maybe next year will be different

I was reminded earlier that tomorrow just happens to be heart day.  How I sort of forgot about it after making 3 extravagant Valentine’s boxes, helped address 52 cards, and making 52 cupcakes, is beyond me.  Not to mention all of the red and pink paraphernalia and frantic candy and card buyers wandering around Wal-mart yesterday.  […]

Well, looky here. . .

That is all I need to report tonight in the midst of all this dust.  Oh yeah!  I am smiling really big. 

My house is looking better.

So says my eight year old!  I walked into my dad’s computer room and found this title.  Apparently Pumpkin took full liberty to start her own blog post.  I am rather impressed that she knew where to begin.  One day you might arrive on my blog to find a post published without my consent.  For […]

The removal of the cast

It is off!  We were all quite impressed that the cast was removed less than six weeks after the accident.  Pumpkin was thrilled but a bit nervous about the possibility of a rebreak.  Mom is apprehensive too!  But Pumpkin listened to the doctor’s instructions very intently and has repeated his words verbatim to numerous folks.  She has […]