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5 Minute Marvel – Episode 3

This is not going to sound so marvelous at first but bear with me please.  Last night (like the entire weekend) was not going as planned.  I had a lovely Sunday with my family but the problem was that I had TONS of school work to do.  Not to mention the minuscule household tasks.  I […]

A fine dining experience

Last night I indulged and ate here. I like fine dining.  Not too keen on fancy sitting and being a lady but I do indeed have a palette for fine foods.  Unfortunately I do not have an income to match.  Not at all.  The husband and I were enjoying these delicacies with some dear friends […]

The kids in action

Today was Pumpkin’s second grade class field trip to the Dallas Aquarium and Science Museum.  One of the perks of not having school on Fridays is that it provides great opportunities to do casual field trips.  And as a teacher, field trips on Fridays mean I am NOT in charge.  The mommas are.  Now I […]

4 Questions, 4 Answers

Thanks to Ann over at Mamarazzi, I have a new assignment to complete.  And of course I chose this task over the 1,004 tasks bulging from my school bag.  I have priorities.  I know I have done a meme very similar to this one, but why not?  Certainly those papers in my bag aren’t that […]

Totally Useless (spiritual) Trivia

As a family we have found that the supper table is the best place to have our family devotions.  We have been extremely faithful the past 6 months and have finished an entire devotional book.  We had to buy our current book (Did You Know? Devotions for Kids by Nancy S. Hill) a few days after Christmas. […]

Well, what do you know?! A decent family photo

                                     Look!  I do exist as a part of this good-looking crowd.  I really do.  We snapped this pic in the backyard of my parents’ house on Easter Sunday.  I won’t include the other pictures we took attempting to capture this one.  We had a grand time enjoying Easter with my family and another family […]

Happy Easter

My prayer is that each of you have had a blessed day celebrating that JESUS IS ALIVE!                            

Good Friday

I have been contemplating my Good Friday post all week.  Obviously nothing struck me fancy but I did know it was a prime time to focus on our Lord and the gift of salvation.  I put off actually writing until yesterday.  I started it but my unfinished post sat overnight. We have had a grand Spring Break not […]

5 Minute Marvel – Episode 2

So maybe it was like 5 minutes times 5 but hey, it worked! I am happy to report that we did not float away yesterday.  Pumpkin did, however, suggest we build an ark, and at 10:30 pm last night, when the heavens were still wide open, I was about to fully agree with her.  The […]

5 Minute Marvels – Episode 1

A couple of weeks ago I started reading Owlhaven blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life as a mom to 10.  Yes, TEN.  She certainly has tons to write about and I so enjoy her perspective.  Thanks Mary!  One idea she had recently was 15 Minutes Better.  She records little actions she took throughout […]