A Water Park in March?!?


Nana and the three little fishies.


Our sweet, sweet Pumpkin.


The Lad was off to have some serious fun.


This little one has NO fear. 

Well, we decided if Daddy was going down to the border for a good ole mission trip, we might as well head over to east Texas and have some good ole summer fun.  My five year old had to inform me that it is certainly not summer yet and was a bit confused how we would swim in the cold.  I will insert here that it was 78 degrees this afternoon but the water certainly too chilly to enjoy outdoors.  We did, however, enjoy a game of putt-putt golf and lunch on the patio.  What a fabulous day!  Thanks to our Nana for treating us to fun on this first day of March.  The time without Daddy certainly flew by today.   

My folks own a time share so they use the resort just east of us often.  We have not been in a while so we wanted to see the brand new water park that JUST opened up.  It was not only fabulous, but so clean.  I love clean public places.  We did not spend the night like we typically do but plan on doing so very soon to fully enjoy this new amenity at the resort. 


Should I be concerned that it looks as if the Lad is about to clobber his little sister? 


We were so shocked to have such a warm and sunny day.  Earlier that morning we drove east with a constant drizzle on the windshield and then a very brief downpour. 

We finally yanked pulled the children from the water around 5pm.  They were not too keen on leaving but were tired and did not give much of a fuss.  I showered the girls in the locker room (did I mention that I like clean public places?) so I could toss them into the bed when we got home without the hassle of bathing them at home.  Nana and I were positive that a certain little girl would crash on the way home.  Nope. 

It appeared that she drank some of the pool water that made her cuter than ever.  And into Chatty Cathy.  She turned into a chatter box.  Mom and I were discussing a few “issues” that we have struggled with over the years and Little Miss piped in saying, “Well, everybody has issues.”  We asked her if she knew what issues were and she said yes but she did not have any.  Yes, she is obviously a normal 5 year old and can be rather contradictory. 

We pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant and started to exit the van.  I peeked in the back of the van urging the tots to hurry along . I noticed that Little Miss was struggling with slipping on her flip-flops (a challenging task after one swims for 5 hours).  She looked up at me, grunted, and said, “Now I have issues.” 

This was one of the best days I have spent with my kids.  When Daddy is with us, I tend to hand off the “fun” activities such as putt-putt golf and go do my own thing or just observe.  Not today.  I was completely theirs.  They did not have to share me with the duties at home.  We are all better from it.  We might be worn out, but based on the happy hearts at bedtime, it seems as if I chose wisely.   Thanks again for the invitation, Nana!

I sure do love and adore these three precious children.  Even if they do out-swim me, beat me in golf and eat more than I can afford.


The overall consensus was that we had a perfect day.  Well, it would have been better if Daddy had joined us.  And as my son stated, “Guess we will have to just come back!”


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  1. bloginmyeye
    Posted March 2, 2008 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    I am totally jealous. Who needs Trader Joe’s when you’ve got THIS?! Whenever I catch up with my posting, I’ll have to post my refrig. picture and the FIRSTS memes. Enjoyed those.

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