Welcome Home, Daddy!

The girls were especially excited about welcoming Daddy home today with lots of signs.  Last night I spread butcher paper out on the floor (first time to do this since the carpet disappeared) and told them to go for it.  They had a blast drawing all sorts of pictures for their Daddy. 

The Lad?  He just told me to tell all the bloggy people that he was not participating in this because he was playing on the Nintendo DS. 

He has his priorities. 

Yes, he is a Daddy’s boy.  He really, really is but drawing versus video games?  Well, keep in mind that he is nine.



Daddy arrived safe and sound despite the high winds and cold, rainy weather here in the DFW area.  I skipped my workout this afternoon so I could slip into the house before he arrived.  We were home alone for over an hour.  Not a kid in sight.  Well, that is until we were rudely interrupted from our snooze (we did not intend to fall asleep at 3:45) by two kiddos banging on our front door. 

I am amazed how quickly we can move from complete tranquility to utter chaos.  And that was with the little one absent. 

But the squeals of delight from the kiddos when Daddy finally let them into the house was well worth the disturbance. 



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