Apparently my daughter has a “hang up” with Alexander Graham Bell

My 8 year old was completing her reading comprehension homework this afternoon as we sat in McDonalds (inside the Wal-mart) waiting for our car’s oil change.  Her assignment was simple.  She had to read three paragraphs describing the month of March and then answer a few comprehension questions.  The information included facts like March being named after the Roman god of war, Mars.  One of the questions asked her to list the names of three famous people who were born in the month of March.  Albert Einstein was one, so was somebody else who must have not been too famous for I can’t seem to recall his name, and then Alexander Graham Bell.  The paragraph stated that he was an inventor, assuming that all the worlds’ little 8 year olds would surely know who he was.  I actually was kinda shocked that Pumpkin was not aware of the man and most certainly saddened that she did not know his main invention .

But being the inquisitive and intelligent child that she is, she asked, “Who is he? What did he invent?”

I quickly spouted out, “The telephone.” 

She did a sort of cute but sort of annoying grunt and said, “I don’t think I like him very much.” 

“Why is that?”  I asked, pretty certain I knew her sentiments.

“Cuz you are ALWAYS on the phone – especially in the car!  That drives me nuts!!!”

I guess she never thought that maybe, just maybe, I am always on the phone because those 6 plus a thousand something kiddos in the car drive ME nuts!!!  🙂


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