Chef Lad (with much assistance from the head cook)

If I keep seeing more of The Lad doing this, then I say we were fools not to put him into this “boyish” scouting organization, say like, when he was a toddler.


The Lad’s assignment for his meeting tonight was to buy ingredients and prepare a snack to share with his fellow scouts.  He was rather quick to choose his recipe and was very adament that we were indeed making it.  Of course I tried to convince him otherwise, suggesting a very simple and quick recipe we could make the night before.  But no, he wanted HOT apple dumplings. 

The problem with that?  Well, it would not be a problem if we were at home.  But Thursdays are my marathon days and I do not typically arrive home until 7 pm or so.  I know, I know it is pathetic but it is only one day a week and then I have Fridays to recover. It is a lovely situation.

Last night after we fetched the kiddos from Awana I ran up to Kroger with the boy, had him buy the ingredients, and came home and tucked him into bed.  Being the committed, and a sucker of a mom, I packed up all I would need to help the child make his favorite dessert in my classroom.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The only solution to the problem at hand was to take our toaster oven and all necessary items to school this morning.  The plan was to grab him right when the bell rang at 3:30, have him help assemble the dumplings, send him to change into his track clothes, and then shoo him off to track practice.  The apple yummies would cook in my room at the same time our teacher’s yoga class was in session in no other than . . . my classroom.  I knew I would be the recipient of many a nasty glare once that scent started to emerge. 

BUT!  The weather was turning a bit nasty and my feelings were not hurt that track AND yoga were cancelled.  No I was not too wounded by those decisions. I decided to head home but would first stop by and do my grocery shopping just in case the weather actually did what Mr. Weatherman predicted and became downright grody to go out in the morning.  I had to wait for the oven to cool (the announcement of the cancellations was made after I preheated the wee oven). 


I felt a bit of relief not having to assemble a dessert in my classroom.   As I was scurrying to the van in the pouring down FREEZING rain, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, the den leader would cancel the meeting. 

Cancelled indeed. 

sigh again.

So we headed to Wal-mart where I got soaked to the bones and froze all the way thru the store.  The two kiddos were excellent and most excited that not only were we having pizza for dinner but that I rented a movie from one of those red box thingys.  To top it all off, we would sip hot cocoa by the fire and most certainly inhale the apple dumplings created by Chef Lad. 

I wonder what he will make next week when we actually have to take a prepared item to the meeting. 

And will it require me transporting my entire kitchen?


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  1. Siv
    Posted March 6, 2008 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

    Oh, what a day! And what a good sport you were to transport the kitchen for his project!! :o) Those apple dumplings sound great! I want to try them. Hubby & I rent movies at Redbox, too. Love the convenience!

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