Pep talks and polygons

As I was fetching my class from the lunchroom/recess today, a monitor came to me and told me one of my little guys had a very rough time.  She was not too specific so I called the little guy over and asked him what was going on.  

Me:  I heard you were having a rough time today, buddy.  What is going on?

Little Guy:  Oh.  I just could not control myself.

Me:  I know it is hard but you can practice self-control. 

Little Guy:  It’s just that I don’t think I am very special.

Me:  Oh, you know that is a big fat lie from Satan.  He wants you to believe that, esp. on your hard days.  I know you can ignore his evil attempts to make you feel yucky about yourself.  Don’t listen to him. 

Little Guy:  Well, he won’t stop telling me it!

Last week I introduced the monkeys to polygons.  I had five kiddos in my small group during center time and was showing examples of polygons and non polygons.  I showed them a sqaure and a triangle and said these are polygons.  One young lad looked up at me, jaw dropped, and exclaimed, “The triangle?  You mean to tell me that the triangle has been a polygon ALL this time?  How come nobody ever told me!”

Sometimes, I love my job. 

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