5 Minute Marvel – Episode 2

So maybe it was like 5 minutes times 5 but hey, it worked!

I am happy to report that we did not float away yesterday.  Pumpkin did, however, suggest we build an ark, and at 10:30 pm last night, when the heavens were still wide open, I was about to fully agree with her.  The weather was much improved today with temps in the low 60’s and the sun shining all day.  Of course the ground was still basically a lake, but by this evening we had a few islands in our yard.  The girls even played in the treehouse while I grilled. 

I decided not to spend the time cleaning the patio table off (for the first use of the season) or transporting the necessary items outside, so the Husband set the table inside. 

Much to the 5 year old’s dismay.

She acted absolutely mortified that I would even consider having the meal indoors. 

And because I knew I would have to confess to bloggyland that I did something today that I knew would brighten one’s day, I gritted my teeth and kindly suggested to the love of my life to move the party outside.  He graciously agreed. 

I actually did not grit my teeth for long because the tot had a grand point.  If it was nice enough to grill outside then why on earth would we not take a few minutes to prepare our feast for the marvelous outdoors?   After all, this time yesterday we were all feeling like we should join up with Evan Almighty and build us some big boat. 

We had a lovely time dining outside, chatting away.  I was not successful in convincing the munchkins to sample the grilled asparagus.  I tried.  The Lad did have an interesting time playing with the veggie.  Something about Junior the Asparagus singing songs.  Thanks Big Idea productions.  He also discovered that Junior is a floppy sort of creature.

Still not ingested. 

Well, I was just informed that he swallowed his required bite. 

Not an ounce more.

I am thankful for the sunny day and a dry patio to dine on with this great family of mine.  I was smart to listen to my 5 year old.  She would claim that I obeyed her for once.   She tends to think that we must also obey her.  Maybe we are having a bit of an authority issue around here.  She has been known to claim she is not happy that I am the boss.   Too bad sister Susie! 


Horrible lighting in this pic but I wanted to express my glee over the sunshine.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted March 21, 2008 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

    I actually love the lighting in the picture. I love the goofy funny faces for the camera, too. I wonder where on earth they get that from?! 🙂 Glad you all had a nice dinner outside and shared a few good laughs.

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