Good Friday

I have been contemplating my Good Friday post all week.  Obviously nothing struck me fancy but I did know it was a prime time to focus on our Lord and the gift of salvation. 

I put off actually writing until yesterday.  I started it but my unfinished post sat overnight.

We have had a grand Spring Break not doing much of anything.  We enjoyed our camping trip over the weekend but did as we pleased the rest of the time.  Loved it.  

But the problem was that I allowed procrastination to win yet again so I did not truly start on my to do list until Thursday afternoon.  And wouldn’t you know that at the same time I was beginning my organization fest, a nasty little bug began to plop itself in my body.  And my son’s.  And the husband’s.

 You see, pride certainly does come before the fall.  I was recently bragging how we here at Knightly manor have bypassed any illness that might have taken us down this winter.  I am a teacher and I had FIVE students out at the same time with the flu.  Other munchkins have been out with various illnesses as well.  One day I had 7 out of 18 kiddos absent.  I felt like I was breathing in the longest germ breath ever.

Aren’t I something to avoid that?  I was so proud.

That was before I came down with a nagging sore throat, aches, and a fever (which I never get) on Thursday night.  I did a quick medical exam of my throat via our wind-up flashlight and immediately knew I had strep throat.  The next morning I marched into that Dr. office quicker than a jack rabbit.  But for some reason that office did not get my memo about me being in a hurry to get antibiotics in my body so I could carry on with spring break goodness. 

The good news in that two hour wait at the Dr was that the kids were absent from the blessed event.  Thank the good Lord! 

The dear husband worked from home with the kids running around while I spent the morning waiting at the doctor’s office.  I was not feeling like it really was Good Friday.  I was not happy about sitting there with fever and a swollen throat and achy neck for TWO HOURS.  And that sweet lady at the receptionist wondered why I had not been there since 2005?!?!!?  Well, it does not take a genius! The truth is that I have been relatively well.  When I have become ill, it is only when I am on vacation.  How convenient.  I was actually having a pity party.

But now that I have had two straight days of unproductivity, I have had some decent time to think.  To think that the first Good Friday did not seem so good to folks either.  I overheard our 8 year old say that killing Jesus on Friday was not good.  Not good at all.  Our wild child whom I know has God’s hand all over her, responded, “Yeah, but you know that it is like a birthday.  It is a birthday because Jesus is alive.” 

So there.  Nanananabooboo.

My Friday was just fine and dandy thank you.  I have a life.  A life with precious family members.  Better than all of that?  I have eternal life in Jesus because of that Good Friday so many years ago (and the Sunday that followed). 

And while this week has been lacking from our usual focus on the death and resurrection of our King Jesus, my prayer is that even if we all wake up tomorrow still sick as dogs, we will heed the advice from our Little Miss and be overjoyed with the birthday celebration. 

The new life. 

Our new life in Christ. 

So, yes, it was indeed a Good Friday.

The only real “wordly” preparation I have done for this holy holiday was buy flowers to remind us of new life in Christ.  Isn’t that a keen excuse to buy a small bouquet of flowers? 




  1. Posted March 22, 2008 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

    Easter blessings to you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We took spring break this past week also and traveled out of town for a wedding but returned earlier than planned because of sickness in the family. I was also thinking how we’ve been relatively healthy this winter when the bug struck my hubby and two boys. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Posted March 22, 2008 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

    I hope you feel better soon, but it sounds like God knew that you would, by being sick, have time to think and reflect on Easter and how amazing the resurrection is. Your kids sound so cute and like they are truly growing up in the fear of the Lord, praise God for that! Have a blessed Easter Sunday! 🙂

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