Totally Useless (spiritual) Trivia

As a family we have found that the supper table is the best place to have our family devotions.  We have been extremely faithful the past 6 months and have finished an entire devotional book.  We had to buy our current book (Did You Know? Devotions for Kids by Nancy S. Hill) a few days after Christmas.

 The One Year Book of Did You Know Devotions for Kids (One Year Book)

We wanted something stimulating that would keep the squirmy monkeys interested.  What we did not want was a traditional Bible story book.  Between Sunday School and their Christian school, our children get their fair share of Bible stories. 

So what did we find?  While our choice was not one of deep theological insights, we scored on conversation starters.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the facts I have learned (which I must admit I have retained longer than their spiritual analogies).

Here are a few extremely random things I have learned during our family devotions: 

Why does a pencil have six sides? 

A compromise.  A round pencil is easier to hold but costs more to make.  A square pencil was cheaper but not so comfortable on the grip.  So… the hexagonal pencil was like a combo deal.  It was inexpensive yet comfortable. 

And why is a pencil yellow? 

It all started back in 1890 when a company in Austria began making a great, high quality pencil that everyone loved.  The pencil was painted yellow so that (along with the black lead) it would match the country’s flag .  Othr companies simply copied the yellow color because it was widely believed that the yellow Austrian pencil was the best.

Now can you figure out what that has to do with anything spiritual? 

Go ahead.  Take a whack at it.  That means leave a comment!!!

Here is another tidbit.

Have you ever seen fleas at a flea market? 

Probably not.  So where did the name come from?

Please let me give you some insight on this intriguing subject.

The word flea is really supposed to be a different word which we have historically just mispronounced.  One of the first outdoor markets in New York was called the Vallie Market.  A sign pointing the way to market had abbreviated the name “Vle. Market”.  As a result, people started calling it the “vlee” market.  Over time “vlee” market became “flea” market and the name has stuck ever since.  We are now blessed with our very own flea markets nearby.

Figure that one out.  What scripture does that devotional refer to? 

So I will let you ponder these great words of wisdom. 

Don’t worry.  I will provide more on future days when I just can’t seem to think of anything else to write. 

Now scoot on and grab your Bible and figure out my little questions.

Good night.


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  1. Posted March 27, 2008 at 2:15 pm | Permalink

    HA HA HA!! That sounds like a fantastic book! I love it! I’m excited to know what stories each are in reference to…hmmm I’m going to go think about those while I nap with Bub! Thanks for sharing!

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