4 Questions, 4 Answers

Thanks to Ann over at Mamarazzi, I have a new assignment to complete.  And of course I chose this task over the 1,004 tasks bulging from my school bag.  I have priorities. 

I know I have done a meme very similar to this one, but why not?  Certainly those papers in my bag aren’t that important.  Who needs to be prepared for 18 parent/teacher conferences next week? 

4 jobs that I have had

1.  Babysitter (I was THE babysitter in my town).  That was my only claim to popularity.  The highschool boys didn’t tend to think that was so appealing. 

2.  Camp Counselor at Camp Ozark and Kanakuk

3.  Special Education teacher

4.  I am currently teaching first grade part time at a Christian school.

4 Shows on my Tivo  (My what?)  I do not watch T.V.  I tried flipping through our limited channels last week and was appalled at the choices.  So for now our family is enjoying renting movies from the Red Box at Wal-mart (for a buck) or borrowing from the library.  These are my current flicks.

1.  Sense and Sensibility

2.  Becoming Jane

3.  Martian Child

4.  Dr. Doolittle

4 Places I have been

1.  Panama

2.  Colombia

3.  Russia

4.  Guatemala

4 Favorite Foods

1.  Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches

2.  spinach salad

3.  all fruit (esp. fruit salad)

4.  chocolate

4 CD’s recently listened to

1.  Highschool Musical 2

2.  Highschool Musical 2

3. Highschool Musical 2

4. Highschool Musical 2

(can you tell that this is the only CD currently in my car? )

4 Things you can do to make my day

1.  Drive my kids to and from school for me and let me stay home in my jammies.  I guess that would also include you substituting in my first grade class.  🙂

2.  Give my blinds and windows a massive cleaning.  I HATE doing this but can’t stand the grime on them.  And I do not have the time to do this.  But then again, I could do it today on my day off while the kids are playing nicely.  But I have my priorities in order. 

3.  Spend the day with me preparing all sorts of meals to store in my new freezer.  That poor thing is still empty except for a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Oh, wait.  I think they are now gone.

4.  Take my kids one Saturday morning so I can surprise my husband and take him to eat breakfast.  Just the two of us.  He LOVES breakfast dates.  My mom does this for us frequently and it is such a joy to us. 

If you want to be tagged, be tagged.  I must get off this blasted computer and get ready to attend a Friday morning field trip.  I love having Fridays off! 


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