A fine dining experience

Last night I indulged and ate here.

I like fine dining.  Not too keen on fancy sitting and being a lady but I do indeed have a palette for fine foods.  Unfortunately I do not have an income to match.  Not at all.  The husband and I were enjoying these delicacies with some dear friends and suggested that we would be very happy to make this a weekly occurrence.  Or even monthly.  Or yearly. 

Why did we experience a fine dinner? 

Because of her: 


Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, Suzanne.  Happy thirty something something blah, blah, blah!!! 

Oh who cares!  My husband said as long as they include us on this yearly event there will be no mention of age. 

The husband thoroughly enjoyed his dining experience.  He was not too chatty during the meal, but he was noisy.   He literally made noises that embarrassed me.  Very out of character for him.  Did I mention that he loves that III Forks restaurant?  Did I mention that I loved it too? 

Thanks to Suzanne and her husband for including us in their special evening AND in their lives.  We love you guys! 

And a huge thanks to my mom for watching the monkeys. 




  1. bloginmyeye
    Posted March 30, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

    Oh now, you HAVE to tell us what you ate! Yer killin’ me!

  2. Posted March 31, 2008 at 8:27 am | Permalink

    Oh yum! I checked out their website and the question of the day is…fish or steak?

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