5 Minute Marvel – Episode 3

This is not going to sound so marvelous at first but bear with me please.  Last night (like the entire weekend) was not going as planned.  I had a lovely Sunday with my family but the problem was that I had TONS of school work to do.  Not to mention the minuscule household tasks.  I tended to some of the housework, played UNO 1,004 times, baked yummy zucchini bread (they all ate it), and read with the munchkins. 

The school work?

Ummm . . . 

Like I said, things did not go as planned. 

We tucked the older two in bed but Little Miss decided to have a meltdown about not having her blankie.  It was spending another night at Nana and Papa’s house. She did not like that arrangement and started to share her discontentment with us.  We even considered having one of us drive to Nana’s house to get the blasted thing. We finally made a deal with her and she was okay with only the hope of having blankie. 

Then we realized that Pumpkin’s tennis shoes were at Nana’s house as well.  She had to have them for track the next day.  UUUGH!  So off went the husband to retrieve the shoes as I kissed Little Miss one last time and settled down to complete my lesson plans.  For some reason (which I can’t seem to recall now), I went into my bedroom where the princess was sleeping (yep, that was the deal we made with her – so much for consistent parenting but when you have 80 hours of work to do and a distraught princess, your priorities tend to change).  I heard her coughing again.  Then I heard that cough.  You mothers know THAT cough.  I jumped up, grabbed the substitute blankie, threw it in front of her face, and hauled that gagging tot into my bathroom. 

She made it.  Almost.  Not really.

Then I turned around to actually turn the light on to clean things up. 

Again.  It happened again but she had turned to watch me. 

I will spare you the details.

The princess got a late night shower while I scrubbed, gagged, scrubbed, and gagged some more. 

I was wondering at this point why the husband had the privilege of going to Nana’s house.

Well, I finished scrubbing the bathroom and the girl, hugged her, kissed her, plopped her back onto the bed


and was heading to FINISH those lesson plans (yes, I was going to finish them!).


Throw hands in air.  Lesson plans on ground.

And a few seconds later I was snuggled next to that sweet smelling little one. 

When my husband (who had missed ALL the fun) walked in a few minutes later, I was one happy momma with a girl on my shoulder sound asleep.  I felt like the luckiest momma on earth. 

I was there stroking her golden locks and sniffing her sweet after-the-shower smell.

And she was next to me.  I marvelled at the privilege of being her mommy.


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  1. Tiffany
    Posted April 1, 2008 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    Hello friend! Your blog today reminded me of a scripture I love — it helps keep me grounded when I can’t seem to get anything done!!!

    Isaiah 40:11 “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

    I am so grateful for our loving God who gave us precious treasures in our children. I praise him, especially, because he gently leads us as moms…..which sometimes means I let go of my “to-do list”, snuggle with my little ones and rely on his grace to see me through!

    Love ya, girl!

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