Monthly Archives: April 2008

One Word Meme

Here we go – 22 questions, one word answers! I know you are shaking your head in awe that a blabber mouth such as I would even dare attempt this.  Let’s give it a try.  If you want to play, go ahead but you’ll have to tell me you did so I can read your […]

Some random updates (and pictures)

I feel as if I have been a little bit scatterbrained lately.  Not that you should be surprised by that.  So for the two of you who might actually care, here are a few pictures and updates from the past two weeks. Last Saturday, the Husband had a meeting at work.  I was a bit […]

I am outta here

Well, I am heading out for the weekend.  The teachers at my school are having a little girly get away at the lake and of course I signed up. Have a super weekend.  Oh!  By the way, since I will be gone most of the weekend, I just closed my BLOGGY GIVEAWAY.  I also went to […]

Unconsciousness is bliss

                                    The youngest and the oldest asked to sleep together tonight.  Since we do not attend school on Fridays, we agreed.  Do you think I can use this photo to blackmail them later on in life?  

Jumping Critters, a Strange man, and a herd of cattle

So what do these three things have in common?  I experienced all three during my jog this afternoon.  Today was not a typical day.  I felt it in my bones (well, really in my head) the moment I dragged myself out of the cozy bed.  I keep a very tight schedule four days of the week.  […]

Thank you, Land’s End

My little (well, more like big) swimsuit arrived today just in time.  I claimed last night that I had HAD IT and this belly and thighs and bottom and side handles, etc, etc. MUST GO NOW.  Nothing like squeezing into a swimsuit (that somehow looked much better on the virtual model) to convince you that there is […]

Bloggy giveaways Carnival

Updated:  I am heading out of town this morning so I closed my bloggy giveaway.  Congrats to Chantel (number 81) for winning the album.  I am branching out and participating in . . .             My favorite hobby is scrapbooking.  Since I started teaching part time this year, little time […]

Just a little something sweet to share with you on this Sunday afternoon…

                                         This is my “almost no longer a preschooler” child.  

Because it won’t be long before those feet can touch the ground

                                          I set out Pumpkin’s breakfast this morning and walked away.  When I reentered the kitchen, my eyes spotted those sweet little feet swinging back and forth in the chair, not yet touching the ground.  For some reason the moment was sweet to me and I wanted to capture it on film.  Yes, she has a […]

So I diagnosed my illness . . .

I am a teacher.  It is Spring.  I am done.  Okay, okay!  I will be honest with all 13 of you and tell you that when I went back to teaching last fall, I declared that I would give it my all and NOT quit early.  I don’t mean like truly walking out on my […]