Show and Tell

The kids and I attended a party at the most fabulous house last night.  I think the owners only had a wee little house of 10,000 square feet on 365 something acres.  No biggie. 

My brother and his family were there too so I took some fun pics of all our kids.  Unfortunately I did not get them all together.  Twin B (Ben) was feeling puny and was in no mood for a picture.  The Lad hates pictures so I did not even bother asking him to join in for the group photo.  I was not battling that issue. 

Nana trying to pose with the Lad.  Wasn’t going well.  I thought this was a cute pic of our attempt.  The pic next to the one of Nana and the Lad is of my niece, Sarah. 


          Little Miss                                                                   Pumpkin


Paul with big sister, Jordan.



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