Jumping Critters, a Strange man, and a herd of cattle

So what do these three things have in common? 

I experienced all three during my jog this afternoon. 

Today was not a typical day.  I felt it in my bones (well, really in my head) the moment I dragged myself out of the cozy bed.  I keep a very tight schedule four days of the week.  I like to consider myself a flexible person but since I started teaching part time again I have proved to myself that I am NOT!  I need to stick to a routine and then all is well.  The problem I experience is when something out of the ordinary happens, I flip. 

Well, I decided to embrace the change today and have a happy heart about it.  After all, the reason my schedule went haywire was that the daughter of my carpool partner ended up in the hospital needing an emergency appendectomy.  I got over it quickly.  Things could be worse. 

The issue at hand was that I would not be able to leave at my usual 1:45 and head to the gym.  On Wednesdays, I rush out of the gym, head to my folks’ to get Little Miss, then run home and start cleaning like a mad woman for Bible Study.  Wednesdays are crazy.  My least favorite day of the week, actually.  Because we live so far from the school, it was unwise to leave the school and come back 1 1/2 hours later to fetch the children. 

UUGH!  I needed to work out.  Don’t mess with my schedule! 

In the spirit of having a good attitude, I slipped into the bathroom after the bell (that signals “go home” for me), changed into my workout clothes, and headed out the door. 

But not without the secretary chasing me down asking me if I could substitute a 6th period class.

No thank you and goodbye. 

That is exactly why I do not stay and drive home the kiddos myself. 

So away I went down the country road.  Have I mentioned that our little private school is truly out in the boondocks?  We really do have a rooster greet us each morning as we pull into the parking lot (the dirt patch).   And cows graze in the field behind us.  A peaceful setting indeed.  Too bad it is a 27 mile drive for us.  Anywho.  I briskly walked for a couple of miles.  I was a bit nervous b/c I had never blazed that trail by foot so I was unfamiliar with the wandering dogs and all.  Little did I know that dogs were not what would frighten me.  We have had a good bit of rain this spring thus far so the country ditches were full of water.  Everytime I passed a driveway, I would hear a big “thunk” in the water.  After being spooked a few times, I finally caught a glimpse of a creature skimming the water.  It looked as if it was walking on the water at hyper speed.  I could not make out what it was.  I did finally figure out that there must have been a mass jumbo frog exodus somewhere and they now all reside in Poetry, Texas, where they more than triple the human population. 

Once I calmed my nerves about the mystery critter, I went back to my peaceful walk in the country.  I veered off the main road (I use that term lightly) and entered a tree tunnel.  Tranquility. 

Then a Mercedes SUV came up behind me and slowed down.  I clinched my cell phone tighter.  I was repeating in my head, “Please don’t be a man, don’t be a man.” 

It was a man. 


A man in a car alone with me in the middle of nowhere with only my two feet and cell phone as backup. 

I begged the Lord for peace and wisdom.  As it turned out, the poor man (with map in hand) was frazzled and obviously lost.  Guess nobody told him that maps don’t show County Road 2450 and Private Road 1564 in Hunt County.  Nope.  I tried to remember what the names of the roads were but I stink at those details.  I told the man that I know it in my head and could drive there but I was not certain about the names of the roads. 

He looked defeated.

Poor thing. 

He then looked at me deperatelyand asked, a little sheepishly, “You wouldn’t want to ride with me and show me, would you?” 

UH!  No.

I think he embarrassed himself by asking and apologized and seemed to fully understand.  I once again told him if he followed that country lane and veered to his left, he would most likely come out right where he wanted to be. 

I said goodbye and took off running back to school.  I was doing some major finger crossing that I led him the right way.  From that moment on, every time I heard a car, I almost panicked, fearing that he was returning and begging for help. 

Thankfully, I never spotted that car again.  So off I went trying to get some jogging in.  And between the time he stopped me and the time I started running, I do believe God raised the temperature about 13 degrees and added some beloved humidity.  I was sweating big time.  All of a sudden I realized that something was not right.  I heard what I thought were footsteps.  But they were not normal footsteps.  It sounded like a herd of cattle. 

Well, that would be accurate. 

It WAS a herd of cattle!  And they were booking it.  My heart started pounding and I took off.  And then I stopped, turned and looked at the cows and laughed. 

That is when I realized that a fence separated lonesome me from the herd of 1000 something cattle. 

I am an idiot.

An idiot or just destined to always be a city girl.



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted April 24, 2008 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

    Well, that’s a run you’ll never forget! I don’t go anywhere near the cows on Mike’s grandparents’ farm when I’m alone. You never know what kind of mood those girls are in!

  2. Posted April 24, 2008 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

    Wow! That was quite a run. At least you got a good blog post out of it! 😉

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