Some random updates (and pictures)

I feel as if I have been a little bit scatterbrained lately.  Not that you should be surprised by that.  So for the two of you who might actually care, here are a few pictures and updates from the past two weeks.

Last Saturday, the Husband had a meeting at work.  I was a bit disappointed that we had to sacrifice Daddy time so we loaded up in both cars and headed to Cracker Barrel before he had to take off to work.  We played games with the kids and even snuck in a little time to read the newspaper while the kids played checkers.

On Tuesday, we went to eat supper with some friends, then enjoyed the warm evening at The Harbor.  The kids LOVE the fountains.  We took their jammies, so after they dried off they changed and got cozy in the car.  We threw them in bed as soon as we arrived home. 

This is a pic of the Lad.  He got so tickled by chasing us (dry) adults and forcing a hug upon us.  Can you see his delight?  This was seconds before I was attacked for the 1,009th time. 

Several folks have asked about the tool shower last Saturday.  It went very well and I had so much fun planning and pulling it off with my sister in law.  Thanks, Beth!  Here is cake number two.  I  made a few changes – like actually cutting out the hole in the handle and making screws with the frosting (thanks for the suggestion, Jennifer).  Click here to see my trial run. 

On Friday (day before the tool shower) Beth and her son Daniel came over for a visit.  As you can see, he was fully entertained by his older cousins.

Look who came for dinner last night.

Do you remember the post about my dad’s thought of even HAVING a puppy?  Well, things change and hearts soften.  My mom is out of town so we asked Papa to come for brisket last night.  He walked in with the pooch in tow.  Of course he moved down to second rank and it only took the kids 8 minutes to acknowledge the man.  I was chuckling inside at my dad.  He was protective of the dog.  It cracked me up.  My big, manly Daddy is a softie, even towards a wee pup.  I thought he might have a heart attack, though, when Taffy had her little accident.

The kids were being thoroughly entertained by the dog until the neighborhood kids lured them outside.  Taffy is not allowed out front so she stood at the glass door whining and pouting.  Pumpkin or LIttle Miss ran to the door often to say hi to the pup.  This would make her mad.  Well, before I knew what happened, the door opened and then I heard screaming.  Apparently Taffy had taken advantage of the open door and took off.  Several children were sitting on the curb (on top of our jumbo neighborhood drain) so Taffy ran right to them.  She was so thrilled to be out in all the action that she just leaped over the curb and fell right into the drain.  Oh the horror!  Pumpkin ran inside crying hysterically as I ran outside to try to find a way to “save” the creature.  The husband ran to the garage to get the key and quickly removed the heavy cover and slipped Little Miss into the drain to fetch the dog. 

I told you I despised that drain that we are so blessed to have in our front yard.  I have always feared a child would slip down there – but never a dog. 

The first thought I had during this chaos was having to tell my mom that Taffy was somewhere floating under the city.

Definitely a reason for disownment. 

Little Miss is currently snuggled up in bed with her many “weapons.”  I am now completely convinced that she is an UNO addict.  She refers to Skips, Draw Twos and so on as her “weapons”.  Immediately following a deal, she cries out, “What weapons do you have?”  So instead of cuddling with a nice soft teddy, our five year old is finding comfort in 37 UNO cards. 

The teacher retreat was way fun.  It was way short too.  A friend and I actually ventured out onto the lake on the cloudy (and a bit chilly) day on Wave Runners.  I had so much fun being a speed demon out on the empty lake.  I went over 60 mph and started giggling. The water was choppy so my forearms and rear end were a bit tight and achy afterwards but the thrill was so worth it.   I needed the weekend to play and just chat and goof off with other ladies.  It has been a while. 

And in case you are wondering, I only have 15 more days of teaching. 

But who’s counting?



  1. Posted April 28, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

    The pictures are wonderful and I absolutely LOVE the expression on Lad’s face…too cute! That’s what little boys are made of…that sweet, feindish grin 🙂 The puppy is too cute too! When it comes to counting down days until the end of school, the real question is who doesn’t count!?!?!? By the way, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement! I do wish we were neighbors, I think we would have a very good time!

  2. Posted April 28, 2008 at 10:07 pm | Permalink

    Cute pictures! The puppy is adorable. We love Cracker Barrel too. I’m glad you had a good time at the retreat.

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