Monthly Archives: May 2008

Do you believe me if I said I did not shed a tear?

You must truly believe me.  I did not produce a single tear.   Well, maybe I lie a bit.  I did shed one small tear (or one bucket full) as I drove up to that preschool for the last time with my Little Miss in the back.  She was so excited.  I was feeling so good […]

Going ons

I have been rather pitiful about posting lately.  Let me thrill you with a list of random happenings around the Knightly Manor so you won’t be so out of the loop. -After realizing that we have very little video of our children, I somehow convinced the husband that we MUST buy a new digital camcorder.  […]

I could be wrong

I am back from my 3 day long nap.  Well, sort of. I have actually slept very little and ended up with ANOTHER case of strap throat.  And it would not be my typical episode if my 8 year old daughter did not have the beloved germ along side me.  Off the two of us went […]

All done

And very, very tired. I do so hope to start writing inspiring posts this summer.  But please forgive me for now.  I do believe my first graders sucked out all of my brain cells.  Please excuse me while I go sleep for three days.   

Five Things About Me

Morning Rose tagged me.  I am sure you want to know more about me.  Most of this you probably already know – or don’t want to and don’t care but please humor me.  BTW.  Did you know I only have ONE more day left of teaching?  7 hours and 5 minutes to be exact. But […]

7 hours and 5 minutes

That is it.  I can then say I have completed my first year of going back to teaching (after a 9 year mommy break).  I will officially let out a “yipppeeee” at 3:20pm (central time) tomorrow.  You best cover your ears.    

Summer is so close, I can just about feel it

Today it certainly felt like summer was indeed upon us.  95 degrees at 2pm.  Most schools are releasing for the summer on June 5 but not us.  I have 3 days.  THREE days.  Oh!  That makes me so very ecstatic just to type that.  I was rather warm as I entered the gym for my […]

Being blessed by the unexpected

I can list over a million things about my husband that make me proud.  Really, I could list a million.  He is that wonderful.  It remains a mystery why on earth the man chose me as his wife.  I think I will halt further questioning and just relish in the joy that comes from being […]

Gobs and Gobs

I have been a little scarce lately.  I have gobs and gobs of stuff on my mind.  In the midst of all the gobbing, I have been doing some major thinking and soul searching.  (Like I have time for that now!) The following is an excerpt from the devotional that our pastors send out daily.  […]

Snapshots of our family

I do believe I finally hit a milestone today.  For years I somehow thought that today, Mother’s Day, was all about me.  But today, for some miraculous reason, the Lord changed my heart and showed me that it is about his gift.  His gift to me.  My family.  So I did not pout when I […]