Oh, I can most certainly change my ways

Medicine is not my friend.  Well, not until yesterday. 

If you know me at all, you are aware that I am the last to ask for any sort of drug for any symptom (well, Advil has become more of an acquaintance lately).  I did not have a drop of pain meds or induction drugs with any of my three births and I liked it that way.  I actually came near to fainting just walking by the epidural trays out there in public eye while I walked the halls for 101 hours during each labor.  I was completely mad that I had to have IV antibiotics with the last little cherub due to Beta Strep.  I lost about 2 weeks of sleep over the mere fact of having to have a hep block while laboring. 

See?  I was one of those obsessed, crazy people.  But in time, God would humble me.

One of the prices one must pay to live in this great state is allergies.  Even if you are not a regular sufferer, you will have a brief period EVERY year where you are just plain miserable. 

But I can handle being miserable for a couple of days as long as it is over and I move on.  I tend to think any soul that takes allergy medicine regularly is a wimp.

I will proudly admit right here and now that I am a wimp. 

A big fat wimp. 

You know I am BEYOND miserable when I march my very shiny nose into CVS at 7:30am and purchase two packages of Claritin.  Not just one.  TWO! 

I had HIGH hopes.  I was also a bit nervous because meds and I . . . well, we don’t mix.  After my bold purchase, I ran back to the van (with 6 awaiting children – a teenager rides with me so I felt like this was okay to put her in charge) and popped one of those teeny pills into my body. 

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE  do something about the thousand sneezes.  Pleeeeeeeease! 

Well, all day I kept waiting.

And waiting. 

And waiting. 

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to teach a room full of toothless 6 year olds when you sneeze every 45 seconds?   It did not go well.  One lad asked me why I even bothered coming to school.  Exactly MY POINT.   I would sneeze, then lose their attention ( I think they were all drawn to stare at my puffy and bright red nose), and could not get those monkeys back.  They ended up laughing at me.  I was the joke of the entire school.  If my door was open or I was in the hall and I sneezed, classes would call out in unison,  “God bless you, Mrs. Knight!” 

I felt so popular.

And annoyed.

My waiting continued.

In fact, all that waiting for a cure actually made things worse so when I plopped into bed Wednesday night, I swore I would never take a Claritin or any allergy med again.  No thank you.

Then I woke up yesterday morning.

Still felt CRUMMY and had to literally will my sluggish self out of the bed.  I had to get up extra early to make breakfast for my students and their moms (we had a Mother’s Day Tea in my first grade classroom). I walked into the kitchen at some dark hour and cried out, “I am going to get through this day, even if I feel like crud.” 

Well, I do believe God was ready to act on demand.  But just to help HIm do his job, I thought I would give Claritin one more day. 

God and Claritin?

They do well together. 

The tea went WONDERUFLLY.  I was a bit discombobulated right after all the mommies left so I took the kids to the gym for an early “run off all that sugar” recess.  I sat there watching them and realized that I had only sneezed a total of 4 times all day and had not wiped my Rudolph-red nose ONCE (to give you perspective, I used an ENTIRE box of Kleenex at school on Wednesday and stopped counting my sneezes at 12:48pm when the number hit 182.  No kidding.)

I realized there in the gym that I felt well.  For the first time in a week, I was normal (I just opened up a door that my dad would love to jump in ….if he ever left comments on my blog-HINT). 

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 

I do believe that Claritin has changed my ways. 

Go ahead, call me a wimp. 

I am, however, a wimp that can now breathe.

Without sneezing.




  1. Posted May 9, 2008 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    Congrats!!! Glad you are feeling better.

    And I’m another drug-free birth crazy lady. Not one hundred percent successful with my 2nd, but no needles and close enough that I count it. 🙂 I always laugh inside when people say I’m brave – and I’m thinking YOU my dear are the totally brave one for letting them put that thing in your back. I’m just sayin’ – barring some major event, THAT is not happening to my body. So, not really brave – big fat chicken actually. 🙂

  2. Posted May 10, 2008 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Glad you’re feeling better! I must say that I have to resort to Claritin on occasion as well. It’s just a good thing I’m not allergic to animal dander… Can you imagine with all the animals we have running around here?

    Glad you Mother’s Day tea was a big hit! AND Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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