Happy Mother’s Day

 . . . to all of you mothers!  I wish an extra special day to all the women who are “Mom” to me. 

My mom – she rocks!  She is the best cook, the most sincere listener, and the huggiest woman I know.  I have people tell me frequently that they wish my mom was their mom.  Now that right there is a compliment in itself.  She is always up for giving spiritual advice.  And if you need prayer – just go to my mom.  She will seriously lose sleep over praying for you.

My mother-in-law!  She rocks too.  Just knowing my husband will speak volumes as to what kind of mom he has.  She claims that he could have raised himself (which might be true) but I give her mega kudos for issuing out a mighty fine young man.  I also feel blessed that she is the grandmother of my children.  My kids LOVE their Gran.  The feeling is obviously very mutual.  If you need anything done, call Gran.  She (and my FIL) are the most serving people you will ever meet.  Anybody who knows them will tell you that many people depend on those two – esp. at their big church.  She can do anything.  Really.  She can drive a bus, work a jigsaw, entertain 3 active grandkids, and put a yummy meal on the table. 

Aunt Ella Jane is simply my husband’s Aunt.  She married later in life and never bore children so her nephew (my hubby) and niece are still her pride and joy.  When I entered the family, she grabbed me up and loved me like her own.  She is not a mother by definition but she certainly is a mother figure to me. 

My grandmothers and my husband’s grandmother (who have gone on to be Jesus), as well as his other grandmother who we visited today at the rehab center where she is recovering from knee replacement surgery (other than her knee, she is as fit as a fiddle at age 83).  Both my husband and I come from a long line of love.  It is evident in our family.  Just watch how my husband loves me.  He had to learn it from somewhere!  I appreciate and treasure the moms who nutured our moms and dads.  I am often saddened that they are not here to be a part of my mothering journey.  I am so thankful for those women in my life. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is why I am one happy momma:

I am thankful that God entrusted this man and these precious children into my arms and into my heart.

One day the BOY will SMILE in a posed picture.  He will.  He WILL.


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    Sweet post! Happy Mother’s Day to you – you’re a wonderful, caring, spirited, fun, purpose-minded, loving, faithful, devoted, God-loving mom! What wonderful examples of godly mothers you’ve had in your life. Your daughters are blessed to have your example to follow, as well.

    Yes, I am a believer in the “he will smile” campaign.

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