Summer is so close, I can just about feel it

Today it certainly felt like summer was indeed upon us.  95 degrees at 2pm. 

Most schools are releasing for the summer on June 5 but not us.  I have 3 days.  THREE days.  Oh!  That makes me so very ecstatic just to type that. 

I was rather warm as I entered the gym for my workout.  I was feeling way puny and had to cut my workout in half.  Not sure what was wrong with me.  I did, however, get swimming on my mind and wanted to exit the gym quickly and dive in.  I was planning on surprising my niece and nephew and my own kiddos with a trip to the pool in the neighborhood where my my brother and SIL live (my folks and I are watching their kids while they’re out of town).

As I sat there partly in the water and partly sun bathing, I realized that I was done.  I was unable to comprehend that I had to go to work for three more days.  Poor me.  All the neighborhood kids were saying they had 10 more days of school.  Once again, poor me.

Can you see it?  Can you see summer?  Below is a picture of five of the eight monkeys.  I decided I could not handle any more at the pool. 

I am so convinced that summer is here, I decided, why not add two more cherubs to the mix tonight?  I evidently forgot that I have a job to report to in the morning.

But aren’t they the cutest things?  I have had them quite a bit over the past few days and I am still in awe that there are TWO.  Two of everything.  Two jars of baby food, two diaper changes, two bodies to bathe, two loud cries, etc.  I made a comment to my SIL a few weeks ago about the twins being so easy.  Her reply?  “Yes, but there are still two of them.”  I am understanding that statement better every time I load those babies and their gear into my car. 

A few more pics from our first official swim of the summer . . .

It might seem a bit like summer but I still had to prepare cupcakes for our summer b-day celebration tomorrow in my class, check homework folders, bathe a few kiddos, and pack lunches.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  Lunches!  I forgot.  I need to go pack lunches!

Oh well!  Maybe summer is really not here after all.  I must come back to reality and act like I am still in the school mode.

But you and I both know the truth.



  1. Posted May 19, 2008 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

    We are ready for summer too, though it’s not as warm here as it is in Texas. 🙂 We have one more official day of homeschooling and then we can do more “fun” stuff for the summer.

  2. Posted May 20, 2008 at 8:57 am | Permalink

    I can feel summer here as well! Can’t wait!!!

  3. Posted May 21, 2008 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    Hi! I tagged you on my Pockets of Time blog. Please check it out!

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