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I have been rather pitiful about posting lately.  Let me thrill you with a list of random happenings around the Knightly Manor so you won’t be so out of the loop.

-After realizing that we have very little video of our children, I somehow convinced the husband that we MUST buy a new digital camcorder.  Attending a highschool graduation and imagining my own kiddos walking across that stage if I blinked twice reminded me that I am not capturing my wee ones like I would like.  I also was all emotional about the Chapmans’ five year old daughter who was filmed just a day or so before her death.  We researched ads and found the camera we wanted and bought it.  I am tickled. 

-The same day we bought a camcorder, we had to buy me a new cell phone.  We basically got it for free.  I am not a frills type of gal.  I will insert here how I was drooling over the remote possibility of maybe having the internet at my fingertips.  Then I remembered the other purchase made that day! 

– My 5 year old just ran inside with a hand full of flowers.   (smile)  I am not going to think about where they came from.  I will just delight in the thought. 

-I will leave in about 30 minutes to fetch the husband from the airport.  He has been in New Orleans for what I thought was a conference.  I found out late last night that all they were really doing was “networking.”  You and I both know that basically means they play. 

-Today was the last day of preschool for Little Miss.  In fact, it was the end of an era for our family.  We have had at least one child attend that school for over 6 years.  I was a bit weepy. 


-Tomorrow night is the big graduation for Little Miss.  I WILL carry in a huge box of tissue.  Yes, I will! 

-I am now wearing another lovely bouquet of flowers behind my ear. 

-The Lad is already resistant towards his summer reading requirements.  He did not seem too pleased with Island of the Blue Dolphins or Where the Red Fern Grows.  So much for my hopes of reading a beloved favorite from my childhood with my own child. 

– Pumpkin is already bored this summer.  Great!

-I had several of my teacher friends over for a good-bye lunch today.  The 2nd grade teacher is not returning so we all thought it was a grand excuse to get together.  I love the ladies I work with.  We go together rather well.  It was evident in the variety of salads we all brought to share.  A perfect combination.

-I wasn’t going to share this with the internets but maybe it will bring more accountability.  I must lose a few pounds.  Nothing fits and I have to watch out or I will be bigger than a whale if I am not careful.  My workout schedule got a little disturbed over the last few months.  I will get into a new summer workout groove.  The kids will not be too happy with me dragging them to the gym everyday but it must be!!! 

-Little Miss is now bored with bringing me flowers and is demanding a game of UNO.  I might be able to sneak one in before leaving to fetch Daddy.  Oh!  Nope!  She now wants me to put on crazy music so she can dance.  This is one of her favorite things to do.  I should be thin, people, very very thin.

-And speaking of thin, I hope the husband agrees to popping in one of our favorite restaurants after our renunion.  There just happens to be a P.F. Changs right around the corner from the airport.  How clever.  This has nothing to do with thin except for maybe being the reason I am not.

-BTW, we are thankful to good ole Uncle Sam for our gifts to ourselves (camera, phone).

-In case you are wondering what I truly ended up doing, click here.

Isn’t she worth dropping everything and dancing like a mad woman?!?!?! 





  1. Posted May 30, 2008 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    That economic stimulus check was larger than we anticipated. We decided to give some to our missionary friends in India and save the rest for a newer vehicle, when our current one dies.

    Have fun with your digital camcorder. We got one for Christmas, but need to take more video. I take tons of pictures but should record some video too, as it captures moments that can’t be fully expressed in a photo.

  2. Posted May 30, 2008 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

    Your little girl’s hair is AWESOME. I love it!

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