Monthly Archives: June 2008

A camping she will go

Oh mylanta!  This girl was ready to go to camp.  I lost count how many times she asked when we would leave.  One would have thought our journey to camp was long and tedious based on the number of times we heard, “How much longer?”  I don’t think you can see this schedule too clearly […]

I love it when my boy gets tickled

And also shows some compassion to others, especially to one of his baby twin cousins. This picture makes my heart smile.  What you do not see is the second before I snapped this shot, the babe was sucking on the Lad’s cheek and had fingers up his nose.  These actions sent all of us into hysterics.  My boy is […]

Keeping those kiddos writing during the summer

I was pondering a few days ago about having anything to share again for Works-For-Me Wednesday.  It occured to me that during the summer I find that I am very unstructured and can’t claim to have a lot that works for me.  Until I glanced over at the kiddos busy on what works for me.    […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday (#3)

My story for today happened a year or so ago but it is too cute not to share. One Sunday my folks, my three kids, and I were planning on heading out to the time share a few hours after church.  My mom offered to keep Little Miss during the second worship service so I […]

Have you ever? (and other silly questions)

Found this over at Learning Patience.  I should be sleeping after my very fun birthday adventure but thought I would play along – even with a very tired brain.  Yes, I will blog about my fun time tomorrow (maybe). In your entire life, have you ever… gone on a blind date? yes, sort of skipped school? Yes […]

I am off

I have been scarce around bloggy world the past few days.  Lots going on but I won’t bore you with the details.  Biggest things are: (1)  Another child has come down with pneumonia. (2)  The Lad returned from camp with a great big smile on his face.  (3)  The Lad and the Husband are heading to […]

I got the camp bug

I LOVE summer camps.  I always wanted my kids to have the awesome experience one day.  Surely my children are not old enough to be away at camp.   I had decided they could go when they were 16.  But I am a sucker for a good time so things changed around here this summer. I am really becoming […]

I need a good laugh

Today has been a rough one.  No, actually it has been a rough week.  Well, come to think of it, my summer has not gone as planned and has been a bit on the rocky side.   I could keep blabbing but I will get back to my point.   I do hope I have one.  I […]

The Lad is off to camp

Today was a first for me.  I sent my oldest child off to a five day sleepaway camp. It really hasn’t phased me one bit besides thinking, “OOOH.  What fun the girls and I will have all week.”  Last night as I tucked the pre-camper into bed, I realized that nobody will be giving him […]

Nanny Eggs

A few of you have actually been curious (or kind) enough to ask about Nanny Eggs.  Thanks for asking.  I was well into my teen years when the bomb was dropped on me and the truth was revealed about “Nanny Eggs”.  It happened one sunny summer day at a restaurant somewhere down south.  I can’t recall […]