The Pretend Wedding

Last night we attended the rehearsal and dinner.  Apparently Little Miss thought that was the pretend wedding.  She has been asking me all day when the REAL wedding was.

Back to last night.  The children were so well behaved, especially at the rehearsal.  Several adults told me how calm and beautiful our children were.  Of course I agreed with the beautiful part but I had to smirk on the calm comment.  The kiddos received many kudos from us as we drove to the dinner. 

The Lad was not so sure about walking down the aisle.  He did it quickly with his head to the floor.  He exclaimed that he will be embarrassed.  Oh dear.  But big cousin Stephen (the best man) came up with a plan for the Lad to look up at him and focus on meeting up with him at the front.  I do hope it works today.  I had a nightmaredream that the child refused to wear his tuxedo (that was 165 bucks).  It was rather horrifying actually.  In the dream, just before the processional the boy decides that he would not perform so he yanked off the coat and tie and demanded toys.  The most horrifying thing about this dream was that the husband and I marched him to the car (you would hope to spank his bottom) and drove down the street to Wal-mart to buy him what he wanted and then headed back to the church just in time for the happy couple to emerge from the chapel as Mr. and Mrs.  I was mad.   I was also relieved when the dog (my parent’s yappydogthat is staying with us – that is a whole other post) licked my face to greet me this morning. 

So here is hoping that my dream does not come true in any form or fashion.

We did indeed have a nice evening with family members we do not see often.  The children LOVE their “big” cousins.  These big cousins are Daddy’s cousins (one of which is the groom).  We had a lovely dinner at Maggianos.  The Lad declared (after scarfing down his 7th piece of bread and 3rd piece of lasagna), that he has now found a new favorite restaurant that is not fast food (he had to add that disclaimer). 

Well, lookey here.  The sisters holding hands.  They will be so cute in their matching dresses doing that today.  This pic came out blurry but I just had to share the moment.

The girls were instructed to stand in front of the maid of honor (the bride’s sister).

Another miracle!!!  A picture of the husband and moi!  Doesn’t happen often.

Little Miss chose not to sit by us during the dinner.  She highly entertained cousin Philip with her addition skills.  I am not sure who had the most fun.

Here is the groom (another big cousin) discussing the choice of books given to the ring bearer (our son).  The groom has a passion for all things weaponish and obviously took advantage of sharing that love with the Lad.

Next is another big cousin.  Stephen and his lovely wife live in Connecticut.  Our kids sure do love him (their fondness for Cousin Stephen began years ago when he played the VeggieTales theme song for them on his tuba – what more could you ask for?).

Cousin Rachel with Pumpkin. 

I just had to include this pic of me with two of the munchkins.  Might not be great but at least the Lad is looking at the camera! 

Oooh!  And I can’t forget this young lady.  The bride.  After all, isn’t this all about her? 

(SSSSHH!  Don’t tell my girls. They are still under the impression that it is all about them.)

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