The fathers in my life

My FIL (father-in-law), my husband, and my dad

I am blessed in many (and different) ways by these three men.

My FIL did a mighty fine job raising his son to be the man I call Husband.  I am so grateful for the godly influence he had on my husband’s life.  He not only raised a noble and sincere man, but also a man who appreciates family.  Another thing my husband learned from him was how to love his wife.  My FIL is very passionate towards his wife and has no qualms about showing it.  I love that about him. 

My husband.  This post could go on forever but my dad ragged on me already about mentioning how great of a father my husband is and how I failed to praise my very own dad.  Sorry Dad. So I will resist the temptation to brag about the man I parent with and move on to the BEST DAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD. 

Do you sense a little bit of brown nosing? 

So let us talk about my dad.

He is a big teddy bear, a big goofball, and one wise man.  I have upmost respect for him and still feel secure in his presence.  He will always be my Daddy.  My husband shares my sentiments and goes to my father for advice, esp. spiritual advice.  I admire how my Dad raised me to be strong and to persevere.  We might have had different interests but I knew he was my biggest fan.  Nobody encouraged me more during my track days than my dad.  We connected somehow in that.  I still can’t figure out why he always stood on the side of the track and yelled supported me but never ran alongside me.  🙂  I guess I ran for him.

My favorite memory of my dad was the evening my folks and best friend Jenny left me on the sidewalk at college for the first time.  I had hugged my mom and friend and shed a small tear or two.  I was extremely brave but was dreading watching that Surburban drive away.  Dad started to climb into the ‘Burb followed by my mom.  Then he suddenly asked Mom and Jenny to step outside for a minute.  So there we sat – Dad and his only daughter in the front seat of the ‘Burb.  He looked at me and spread out his heart like a slab of butter on a biscuit.  He told me that he was proud of me NO MATTER WHAT I chose to do.  He said I knew what was right so go do it.  It was that statement right there that stopped me dead in my tracks a few times throughout the following years.  My dad had the confidence that he and my mother had done all they could to train me up in the way I should go and NOW it was time for me to prove that I would not depart from it. 

You know what? 

I really never departed.  Sure, I had my weak stages and will continue to have more but the love my father shared with me that night in the grey ‘Burb has spurred me to live a life that honors God.  Sometimes I am certain the man wants to give me a little kick in the behind to get me back on track but I know he loves me. 

I also adore how he is a Papa to 8 crazy grandchildren.  I saw more of his serious side growing up so when I see him being plain goofy with the kids my heart smiles.  I love how after taking the kids to a movie (which he does often) he will sit them down and discuss the content and the spiritual correlation. 

I love you Daddy. 

I love you, Stan, my dear FIL.

I love you, my dear husband.  I am honored to be in this parenting thing with you.

I am even more thankful on this Father’s Day to be able to call God my Father. 




  1. Sheli
    Posted June 16, 2008 at 4:43 pm | Permalink

    You are very blessed….

  2. Siv
    Posted June 17, 2008 at 2:15 pm | Permalink

    Ahhhh, what a sweet and touching post about your dad! Yes, you do have 3 wonderful dads in your life! I’m so glad I get to share 2 of them with you!! ;o)

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