I got the camp bug

I LOVE summer camps.  I always wanted my kids to have the awesome experience one day.  Surely my children are not old enough to be away at camp.   I had decided they could go when they were 16.  But I am a sucker for a good time so things changed around here this summer.

I am really becoming a brave momma this year.  My son is off at church camp this week for the first time.  His sister who is 14 months younger is very anxious to go off to camp herself.  She will have a turn to go with our church next year. 

She was okay with that but then I received an email from our school advertising that a great camp in East Texas had a few openings for two sessions and were offering half price deals.  Knowing I can’t pass up a bargain, I checked it out.  I was a counselor at two different camps in college (Camp Ozark and Kanakuk) and I promised myself that my kids would go to camp.  I made a pact to start a camp fund and then a college fund.  I am a woman with priorities.  I married a ministry guy and the budget has no room for summer camps.  I am working part time now so we have been able to splurge on a few extra things.

As of 45 minutes ago, Pumpkin is now going to Sky Ranch camps in a few weeks.  She is thrilled.

Now I am trying to find a way to cram myself into her trunk. 

Check out the website for a great deal for your kiddos.  Nothing like last minute fun for the kids. 



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    How fun! When the campers were loading their bags into the trailer on Monday, I noticed the boys tend to have smaller suitcases and the girls very large suitcases. We let our older son go to camp when he turned 10, while our younger son (almost 8) just wants to be a sponsor who picks up the kids and brings them back from camp.

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    Oooh, camping! I loved going to Christian horseback riding camps when I grew up. They are some of my fondest memories. That being said, my family life probably wasn’t anywhere near as great as yours (sounds horrible, but I mean it as a compliment to you!) since my parents weren’t Christian and we didn’t really do a whole lot as a family. But I’m glad your kids are able to experience camps, they are so worth it! I hope to do the same for my kids someday.

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    We can’t help you (yet!) with your camp fund, but if you’re looking for ways to make college savings easier, try Freshman Fund. I am one of the company’s founders.

    Freshman Fund is a college savings gift registry that lets friends and family gift directly into your child’s college fund. The site is at http://www.freshmanfund.com. Take a look and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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    Woo hoo! We just signed my son up for a camp (okay, day camp since he’s not quite 5…). But it was very last minute and “let’s do it”. I was traveling internationally by the time I was 11 for camp, so I am guessing that my kids will be out of the house a lot in the summer when they are older! 😉

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