Monthly Archives: June 2008

The fathers in my life

My FIL (father-in-law), my husband, and my dad I am blessed in many (and different) ways by these three men. My FIL did a mighty fine job raising his son to be the man I call Husband.  I am so grateful for the godly influence he had on my husband’s life.  He not only raised […]

My favorite hobby and my favorite man

After a rough week with a sick kiddo, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in one of my favorite hobbies.  Just because scrapbooking is one of my favorite pastimes does not mean I do it often.  I was therefore thrilled to complete a few pages in my 2008 album.  One thing that […]

Making up for lost time

Little Miss is better.  Not well.  Just better.  It has been a little rough around here dealing with a sick kid, especially at night.  I am not a nice momma without sleep.  I struggle more when I have expectations and they get shot down.  Bang!  Big time.  To be honest, I have actually handled it […]

50 odd things about me

Just started lurking over at Live! and In Color.  Discovered this on her blog and thought it would be nice to talk about something other than the wedding and a sick child (but I am sure mention of the sick child WILL come up in this post). 1. Do you like blue cheese? not really […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday

                                                       A few nights ago, much to my son’s delight, I served baked potatoes with our main chicken dish.  Little Miss (5) came to the table, looked at the food before her and announced, “I don’t like that!  I take mine sweet.  I do not like unsweet potatoes.”  I guess she is as […]

Our sick little girl

So much for my busy fun-filled week!  I was so looking forward to dropping ALL THREE kiddos at a local VBS and having 5 mornings to myself.  15 hours of liberty.  I was just about giddy about the opportunity.  Then one sweet little girl ended up feeling like this: If you know Little Miss then […]

Wedding report

All of this wedding hoopla wore this old married lady out so I m not too chatty tonight.  Enjoy it while it lasts!  🙂 Everything went very well.  The children looked beautiful and performed so well.  Oh!  The bride was not too bad herself.  The Lad did struggle with the smiling issue but one of the […]

The Pretend Wedding

Last night we attended the rehearsal and dinner.  Apparently Little Miss thought that was the pretend wedding.  She has been asking me all day when the REAL wedding was. Back to last night.  The children were so well behaved, especially at the rehearsal.  Several adults told me how calm and beautiful our children were.  Of course […]

Is it just me . . .

. . . or is $165 for a tuxedo rental a little steep?  Please keep in mind that we not only rented one for the husband to be an usher in the wedding but for The Lad to be a ring bearer.  ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!  Times two. I’m just sayin.  The rate we […]

I am so proud of myself

I turned this: Into this: For some of you, anything crafty would be no big deal, but for me, I am rather pleased with myself that I even tried.  These are the two headpieces my girls are wearing as flower girls this Saturday.  The dresses they are wearing are ivory so it was a bit […]