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The never ending bottomless pit

A few months ago I downsized purses.  My big black one that I carried throughout the winter and spring months seemed to be a catch-all – and had more items stuffed into it than any diaper bag I ever owned. I thought my purchase of a smaller purse was a rather clever scheme to reduce […]

Happy Birthday to our handsome young squire

Oh how I want to kiss those squishy cheeks again.  The following excerpt from my Expectant Journal was actually written by the husband (aka the proud new daddy) .  July 30, 1998 You are finally here!!!! As I write this you are lying just a few feet away in your hospital “bassinet.”  You are lying on […]

From my “Expectant Mother’s Journal” dated July 29, 1998

” . . . Mommy has had several times of “false labor” over the past couple of days.  Last night I did not sleep at all because a contraction would pop up every 10 to 15 minutes.  Needless to say my rest time was greatly disturbed.  I ended up in the recliner about 4am so I […]

Please keep your comments to yourself, thank you

I will just come on out and say that this week is insane for me.  I am not saying this to gripe but to give you a deeper insight into my stupidity (Dad, mumble quietly please).  I should STAY HOME as much as I can this week considering we returned from vacation 2 days ago.    My son’s b-day […]

A few more random pics from our vacation


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Oh Mylanta ! I just returned from vacation and apparently somebody messed with my blog.  Whoever goofed with it did a mighty fine job.  Maybe I should disappear into the mountains more often.  🙂 Oh I kid. Actually, I have been conversing with Karen at Simply Amusing Designs for a week or two about giving my […]

Family and Mountains- doesn’t get much better than this

I LOVE the mountains and I adore my family.  This week we are spending time with the husband’s family up in the gorgeous mountains in the Taos Ski Valley.  We have been coming for the past 7 years and have created many traditions.  In fact, the husband’s family started coming up here when he was […]

We are most definitely not in Texas

We are having a relaxing vacation with the husband’s family here in Taos.  I took tons of pictures today and planned on sharing them with you.  What I did not plan on was for the internet connection to be iffy.  Well, I actually didn’t count on having connection here at the cabin so I was […]

Blog Hop ’08

Welcome to my bloggy world!  I am tickled that you stopped by even in the midst of a big makeover (Oops!  I just spilled the beans to my 11 regular readers).  Blogging is my new hobby and it tends to keep me busy.  Scrapbooking is my first love but it has taken a backseat to […]

Wanna go to a party…a cyber one?

Oh mylanta!  This is something new for me.  Check out Pensieve for details about this party.  I guess I will cancel my normal wild Friday night plans and join in.  Wanna come?  Hop on in with many other bloggers tonight 9pm (central time) for a cyber party.  I must confess I am not quite certain […]