Stars and Stripes and Fire Extinguishers

As we were watching fireworks tonight at a grand home in the country, a fire broke out in the pasture next to the driveway where lots of crazy men were shooting them off.  At first, nobody really seemed to be too worried about the five little patches of FIRE.  I, on the other hand, snatching up my niece and my youngest and ordering my son to my side, started going in circles saying, “What are we going to do?!”   Maybe I was a bit on the panicky side.  

Finally a few brave men decided that the now eight patches of fire moving closer to the spectators could possibly cause us harm and they ran and grabbed the brooms. 

What?? Brooms???

Where the heck is the water?!

What about 911?!!

The ironic thing is that I noticed my husband had gone over to help.  Or so I thought.  A few minutes later I saw him STANDING on our side of the fence doing nothing.  He later told me that he was supervising.  I asked him why he was just standing there and he told me that he did not hold a broom, a towel, or one of the fire extinguishers (now there is a clever idea) so he was of no use. 

In the midst of the chaos, folks started to get off their hineys and move their chairs and gather up the children.  That is when I realized what was going on with my son.

There he was, in the center of people running around and children yelling “Fire!” – singing.  My son was singing.  He doesn’t do that, people!  Not only was he singing but he had his hand over his heart (in all truthfulness he had his left hand over the right side of his chest but, hey, he was nervous).  On top of that, he had tears running down his cheeks. 

Then I felt it.   A wee tear running down my own cheek as I watched my almost 10 year old (who does not express emotions well) singing “God Bless America.”  I didn’t even know he knew the words.

So maybe he does have some understanding of the freedom and security we enjoy in the good ole USA.  This Fourth of July will always stick in my head as the one when my son “got it.” 

He understands that being an American is a privilege and that God must be in it. 

So in the words of my son , “Oh please, oh please, GOD bless America.” 

P.S.  911 (aka the fire department) arrived about 16 minutes too late.  It was under control thankyouverymuch.  Surely it had something to do with  the maniac momma and the supervising daddy. 

And finally, a special thank you to all who have fought (and are still fighting) to defend our nation.  One day my son will also understand that the country he loves and sings about is free because of those brave men and women.  We appreciate you!

God Bless America!


  1. Posted July 5, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

    Great post! I’m glad the fire got put out. That’s neat about your son singing God Bless America. Our 7-year-old has been singing the Star Spangled Banner recently and we wonder where he picked that up too. 🙂

  2. Posted July 6, 2008 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    I love the image of your son standing alone, emotionally singing. What a precious moment for you!

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