Fortunately, she remembered that Mom and Dad exist

As we drove into camp to fetch our Pumpkin camper, this is what we saw: 

Luggage!  And this was just one small angle.  You would not believe the quantity of STUFF.  It was so very organized and before I could even blink, those young college kids had Pumpkin’s stuff loaded into the back of the car.  We were instructed to stay in the vehicle as they served us.

We parked and headed to the main building for closing ceremonies.  I was forwarned that we would have to wait until the wee ceremony was over to reunite with our child.  I knew about it but I wasn’t too keen on the idea. We saw the movie, watched the spirit stick awards (one of which went to my child’s cabin 🙂 ) and the director kept talking.  I was squirming.  Then I heard him read my mind.  OUTLOUD he said, “Please bare with  me . . .  I know there are a few mommas out there wanting me to shush and let them hug their child so I will make this brief.”  Not brief enough.

See what I was waiting for?!?!

Seconds earlier I had this same greeting.  Only I was in front of Daddy and I had the camera.  Nobody got that on film.  It will forever be in my heart. 

And this?  This will always be in my heart too. 

Below is Pumpkin with her four precious counselors.  May God richly bless them as they pursue God’s calling on their lives.  Even if 3/4 of them are Aggies.  God’s grace is sufficient.  🙂

Pumpkin was chosen as the HONOR CAMPER out of the 15 girlies in her cabin.  Now that makes me one proud momma!  She was also awarded the leadership award.  To be honest, as a teacher, that often times is given to the bossy cow of the group but Pumpkin is not usually our bossy one.  🙂 My prayer for her this week (and I wrote it in every letter to her) was that she please God and bless others.  I told her that she did just that!  She used her sweet and spunky spirit to lift her cabin up AND to lead them gently. 

To see my child excel the FIRST time she ever left home for camp at age 8 makes me feel so confident in the work God is doing in her life.  I am also very grateful to the staff at Sky Ranch for investing in these kiddos and pulling out so much potential. 

And now, for my favorite picture of all . . . we are finally back as a family!  This has been a funky summer with a kid here, a kid there, Momma here, and Daddy there.  We shall be together now . . . at least until Momma and Daddy head to Guatemala in August.  Yikes!  Not so sure I want to think about busting us up again.  We are a family and it does not feel right any other way. 

 A few “facts” from camp (according to an 8 year old):

*Somehow a bee stung Pumpkin’s wee little pinky finger.  She said it was not a big deal but a stinger was found and successfully removed.  I bumped into the nurse and she said she was baffled at how on earth a bee could get at that wee finger.  That is just like our family. 

*The only thing I have discovered missing?  Sunscreen.  Have I shared the dislike my kids have for sunscreen?

*Pumpkin was telling me about the girls in her cabin.  Another prayer we had for her was that she would connect with other girls.  The director joked at the orientation that our kids would claim a friend as their new bestest then not be able to recall the name at the end of the week.  Well, the girl who slept NEXT to Pumpkin still remains nameless.  She could name all the other ones in the group photo but not that one. 

*Apparently the chore of cleaning the shower was the least favorite.  She did inform me that since she and a few other girls had meds to take in the morning, she got out of a lot of the chores.  Lucky girl!  She despises medicine but next year she just might bring it up. 

*When I checked on her Ranch Account balance today (the camp account with her spending money for the week), I expected to find at least half of our initial deposit remaining.  In fact, I was already thinking of what we would do with the remaining balance.  (Of course the camp gives you the easy option of just donating it to their capital campaign.)  Oh naive parents that we are.  She surprised me.  Well, maybe not completely.  The guy looking up her account pulled up her name, looked at me with a smile, and said, “Now that is talent for a young one.”  She had NINE CENTS left over!  Nine cents!  I told him it wasn’t talent, it was scary.  Her daddy agrees.  She is the shopper. 

*The Lad was hitting us up to sign him up right then and there for a session later in the summer.  The staff so kindly provided a list of the openings remaining and the boy quickly figured out when he could attend.  I told him we have already spent lots of money on other camps this summer and so next year would have to be his first.  He told me money did not matter.  I then revealed that Mom and Dad would be out of the country that week, thinking that would deter his request.  His response was, “Well, that will be just perfect!  That is one less kid for Nana and Papa to worry about.”  Clever.  But it didn’t work.

*Pumpkin reported on each item of clothing as I was sorting them for the wash.  We sent her a package that contained a new outfit and she said her cabinmates oohed and aahed.  They liked her 4th of July jammies and new swimsuits.  So glad we can be a fashion statement even at camp.

*The husband and I were ultimately impressed with the overall experience.  We are now trying to figure out what we can sell to pay for two kiddos to attend next year.  Anyone know any good medical research projects?

For now we are happy in the fact that our camper has returned to us safely.  And that she still remembers who we are.



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted July 5, 2008 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    FUN! So many things for which to be proud! Yay for a great first camp experience and for giving her confidence to be a leader for her cabin! Love the pictures, too – thanks for sharing them!

  2. Posted July 7, 2008 at 8:55 pm | Permalink

    Sounds like she had a great week at camp!

  3. Posted July 7, 2008 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    I can’t imagine letting my babies go to camp…I can barely stand the thought of them going to school! I am glad that all went well.

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