Well, it seems as if I am not up for a cruise

The husband has been dropping hints lately that he would greatly enjoy a cruise.  Option 1: A Disney Cruise.  Option 2:  An Alaskan Cruise.  While they both sound inviting, I have a strong feeling the first one involves taking the children whereas the second one possibly means it would be husband and wife minus three children.  Call me crazy but one alone sounds nice.  And for some reason he didn’t mention a tropical paradise.  Guess I will never meet the Carribean. 

Anyhoo…I have been contemplating this idea for a few months now.  Not only am I trying to figure out what bank to rob but how I will keep myself from puking aboard ship. 

I really have a fear of stepping onto a grand cruise line then being in a constant state of dizziness/queasiness for the entire trip.  How fun that would be.  Especially chasing three kids chasing Mickey.  I will for sure be at the heart of every cruise memory. 

If you know me, you are probably aware that I HATE car trips.  Especially ones that require you to, well, move.  Adding kiddos into the equation never helps. As a kid, I avoided tire swings, video games, and merry go rounds.  I still stay far far away.  I have to sip ginger ale on a plane and sit on the wing.  I won’t tell you what happened when I sat in the VERY back row of a plane when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant.  I am sure the poor business guy sitting next to me recalls that moment quite well.  He even joined in on my puking activity.  Such fond memories.

So thinking about making myself vulnerable to 6 days of perpetual motion sort of terrifies me.  The thing is I want to go.  I love to be in the sun and I crave fun times with the fam.  I was about to commit to the idea of one day going with the husband on a maritime excursion until today.  Until I about lost my vittles watching a 3D movie with the family. 

Pathetic.  I truly got sick sitting in that dark theater.  There I was with those classy black glasses fighting off the urge to puke.  Oh Mylanta.  It was pitiful.  I thought I would have to leave. 

Fortunately, my head remained on my neck and my stomach stopped flopping so I stayed. 

Then I got up.  I had to reteach myself how to put one foot in front of the other.

Nope.  Don’t think I have a mature enough vestibular system to handle such fun.  Well, only if you call watching momma walk like she is drunk and barf everytime she turns her head. 

Not my idea of a vacation, thankyouverymuch.


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  1. Kim Kunel
    Posted July 13, 2008 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Oh Best-friend-for-the-weekend, bless your heart! Sending you a big momma hug from Ohio! We ( all the Edenfields and Kunelis) returned from Hawaii a few weeks back and had a wonderful time together~ but found out that our dear Karissa, at 14, is prone to motion sickness! Besides almost throwing up in her uncle’s car (hahah) going up curvy Waimea Canyon, and spending an hour in Walmart’s bathroom (can you imagine spending more than 2 minutes in there??) after a ride down Haleakala Crater, she also had a tough time on the boat/snorkeling adventures that we went on. I am wondering if it is not a hormonal thing…..anyway, I feel for ya!
    PS I wanted you to know that I am always here lurking, reading all about your life and adventures and love sharing a little part of life in Texas! You sure do make me smile and bless me along the way. Oh, last thing. I was so impressed by your “cross collage” that showed with your paint job pictures that I had to copy it! Thanks for the decorating “tip”!

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