We are most definitely not in Texas

We are having a relaxing vacation with the husband’s family here in Taos.  I took tons of pictures today and planned on sharing them with you.  What I did not plan on was for the internet connection to be iffy.  Well, I actually didn’t count on having connection here at the cabin so I was thrilled when the little inn down the road offered us their wifi.  Of course they were unaware of their generosity. 

We are heading down to town in the morning and I know of a keen little local hangout that has wifi and yummy ice cream.  Not sure what my kids will be doing as I explore bloggyland.  Eating homemade organic ice cream can only entertain the munchkins for so long.

The gal on the right is my SIL.  She is standing next to her husband and their little guy.  He keeps us laughing with all his two year old antics. 


We took a ride up the mountain on the ski lift today and then the Husband, Pumpkin, and I walked back down.  It was a long walk – but some breathtaking views!  The 70 degree weather made it quite a pleasant outing. (Please, no envy from my Texas friends where today the temp is certainly near the century mark.)

Cool weather, tall mountains, pine trees – no, we are most definitely not in Texas.  What a nice change!



  1. Posted July 21, 2008 at 10:29 pm | Permalink

    It’s beautiful, Cynthia! Have a great vacation.

  2. bloginmyeye
    Posted July 21, 2008 at 10:43 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful pix! Have fun.

  3. Posted July 22, 2008 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    Great family photos! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful vacation.

  4. sincerelyanna
    Posted July 22, 2008 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    I’m sure you’re having a blast with family! The pictures are great!

  5. Siv
    Posted July 29, 2008 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    Wooohooo!!! I finally made the blog…I feel so special! 🙂

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