From my “Expectant Mother’s Journal” dated July 29, 1998

” . . . Mommy has had several times of “false labor” over the past couple of days.  Last night I did not sleep at all because a contraction would pop up every 10 to 15 minutes.  Needless to say my rest time was greatly disturbed.  I ended up in the recliner about 4am so I wouldn’t interrupt Daddy’s sleep.  By lunch time today my contractions were extremely inconsistent but I felt up to going to see a movie.  I was thrilled to see the newer version of my childhood favorite- Parent Trap!  The show started at 12:30pm.  I started to be rather on the uncomfortable side but enjoyed the movie and was distracted by the entertainment.

As we left the theater, I wasn’t convinced that the contractions indicated the “real thing.”  Around 1:50 or so I thought my water broke so we called the Dr.  I was disappointed to find out that Dr. Belizan was out so Dr. Tran was covering for him.  Dr. Tran said my water had not broken but I was definitely in the early stage of labor.

Wow!   Here we go.

She told us to go home, eat light, and she would see us at the hospital later that evening. 

So we went home (Nana is here to be a part of this too) to pass time and prepare ourselves for your arrival.  I can’t believe that we could possibly see you in less than 12 hours.  I am sooooooooooooo thrilled. 

So here we are at 7pm waiting and wondering if you are our little princess or squire. 

We love you, Wee Knight, and can’t wait to hold you in our arms.”



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