Monthly Archives: July 2008

A few things that made me smile today

.  This little gal makes me smile all day.  Funny how she can make me want to pull my hair out one minute, then have me wrapped around her little finger the next.   Tonight was Rodeo Night at VBS and Little Miss thoroughly enjoyed being a cowgirl.  She hilariously combined a model’s walk with a cowgirl […]

Simple childhood pleasures

The husband and I have gone way beyond our normal spending this summer in providing a variety of acivities for our children.  I have started to feel a bit guilty about how we are not being as frugal as I know we once were.  So yesterday as I stood in Wal-mart looking at the plethera of […]


Nothing I sat down to write some inspiring post.  All that came to mind was Nothing!  Of course that sounds a bit boring so I turned to my genius husband and asked him for another word for nothing.  He casually shared Nechevo (pronounced knee-chee-VOH). Are you impressed?  So am I.   I am glad the husband […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday #4

The husband pulled out our passports last night to complete some paperwork for our upcoming trip to Guatemala.  Before he could finish the tasks, we had to put the kiddos to bed.  In the process, Little Miss came into our room and spotted the blue “books” sitting on the computer desk.  She opened mine and said,  “Oh […]

Hmmmmmmmm….maybe God wants me to LET GO

Tonight the kids started a week-long VBS at a church down the street from our house.  I have never been a big fan of VBS at night due to the kids staying up way too late and it cutting into our family time. Well, I now have a new love – sitting at our dining room […]

Well, it seems as if I am not up for a cruise

The husband has been dropping hints lately that he would greatly enjoy a cruise.  Option 1: A Disney Cruise.  Option 2:  An Alaskan Cruise.  While they both sound inviting, I have a strong feeling the first one involves taking the children whereas the second one possibly means it would be husband and wife minus three […]

Dinnur fer R Herd

We took advantage of free food at Chick-fil-a tonight.  It was a nice family outing once the kiddos got over being embarrassed.  We got lots of laughs when we walked in and that seemed to spur on more tears and hiding of faces.  We ordered over $27 worth of food and paid nothing.  I guess […]

18 Showers later

In the spirit of us being sick all summer, my son decided to break our 14 day fast from illness and come down with a stomach bug.  At one point today he started to panic and wonder if he might have salmonella.  He asked me over and over if he would die.  Poor thing.  He […]

Free Food Definitely Works For Me!

Want some free chicken?  Head on over to Chick-fil-a in your area this Friday, July 11 and get yourself some free vittles.  The catch?  You need to dress like a cow.  It can be simple for an entree or a little more detailed for a combo meal.  Check it out here for more details. Eat […]

My Crown

I had a super day shopping with a friend sans kids.  Did you catch that?  Without kids.  Seven hours.  The word bliss comes to mind.  I am not sure if the babysitter we hired thought such nice thoughts.  🙂  We had a grand time prancing around town without having a true mission.  My friend, Tiff, had a […]