Monthly Archives: August 2008

I forgot I had a blog – but I still have things to say (as always)

I am so enjoying my long weekend that my blog did not even cross my mind.  If you know me in person, you would probably want to throw tomatoes at me.  I have been told that I use the phrase, “You know, I wrote about that on my blog” a lot. It is a lifestyle. […]

Lunch time blues

I have a little high falutin picky gal who we refer to as Pumpkin and who happens to be my pickiest eater.  And when I say picky, I don’t mean particular, I mean she EATS NOTHING.  This has always bothered me, even when she refused any sort of stuff that resembled baby food at age […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday (#5)

This morning as Little Miss was getting ready for her second day of Kindergarten, she looked up at me and said, “I’m just not handling this too well.”  Off she went with her pillow and blanket in the car.  Evidently, this new early to bed, early to rise schedule is not settling too well with […]

Note to self: Do not wear brand new shoes on the first day of school

I am just sayin. Other than the five blisters I proudly display on my feet, it was a good day. Guess that is saying a lot when you teach 18 active 6 year olds.  My brain is fried, the kids are wound up, and I have lots of school work to do so I will simply […]

T’was the Day Before School Starts and All Through the House

….you better bet there are creatures stirring about.  Well, really it is this momma who is scurrying about.  Of course there is the sense of mom getting things in order for the kiddos – new lunch boxes labeled, clothes set out, etc, etc.  But this momma (who also returns to school this fall as a first […]


I started to think that it sounded as if I was making fun of my dear husband in this post.  By no means was I aiming to do so.  The husband actually proofed my post and edited it.  He thought it was great. I wanted to clarify this because my ultimate goal in keeping a blog is […]


My son asked his dad a few nights ago if all smart people were nerds.  He also wanted to know if being a nerd was a bad thing, like a bad word.  I am sure the husband handled the conversation with dignity but I am still unaware of the full details of the chat.  I would have liked […]


 The name of our church is Community Life.  We have community groups, not Sunday School.  Both of these facts are a bit different from what I grew up with.  I exulted in having perfect Sunday School attendance and always proudly announced that I was a Baptist. Now that I am grown and have been in several […]

Do you really want to know why I have not posted in days?

I realized that my blog has been put on the back burner lately.  I have confessed that being introduced to Facebook didn’t help.  Facebook is not the only reason for my absence although I wish that was all distracting me. Here are a few things on my mind: 1.  Sick girly (yes, again – we have had a […]

I have a new love (and addiction)

Sorry I have been scarce.  I discoverd Facebook on my trip to Guatemala and I seem to have put my blog on the back burner.  Things will improve and my passion for blogging will return. I can only hope. I will share these pics from our time at the beach with you, not on facebook.  […]