I forgot I had a blog – but I still have things to say (as always)

I am so enjoying my long weekend that my blog did not even cross my mind.  If you know me in person, you would probably want to throw tomatoes at me.  I have been told that I use the phrase, “You know, I wrote about that on my blog” a lot.

It is a lifestyle.

Apparently I have deducted bloggyland from my lifestyle for a few days.  So please excuse my absence from the land of blogging while I sleep, clean, and play. 

I am still wondering what on earth I did all summer.  It is rather sad that after four days of back to teaching, I was in desperate need of a break. 

Do you want to know something sad?  (say yes)

I went up to school yesterday and WORKED.  I also need to get off here and work on school work.  But I am not.  I am a rebel like that.

A few things to enlighten you.

1.  My youngest is turning six on Saturday and I am JUST now contemplating what kind of party to have for her.  I am also a procrastinator.  I have not always been this way but since I went back to work, it just happens.  First grade has sucked all sort of creative juices right out of me.

2.  I did just have the husband create a dog bone template for the birthday invitations.  I guess I need to finish this task.  And I guess the dog bone invitation sort of seals the doggy b-day theme idea.

3.  Glad to have that figured out.

4.  We had guests over for dinner.  Little Miss (the almost 6 year old) found my gym bag (that I apparently did not completely empty) and decided to grace our male guest with my underwear.  I love that kid.

5.  I think the plethora of kid-related items down the tub drain has finally reached its critical mass so a plumber date just might be in my future this week.  Uugh!

6.  The husband did not realize that the kids and I had the day off tomorrow (I am still not sure how he missed that one) so he decided to take the day off too.

7.  And off to Hawaiian Falls we will go.  Somehow we are taking three extra kiddos.  And for some reason the parents decided to stay home and get things done.   What a concept.  Maybe we will park our lawn mower out front and hope that they so graciously do our yard work while we are off burning in the sun with their kids!  🙂

8.  I am not sure if this next announcement falls under both of us being nerds or just eclectic.  I will settle for eclectic.  The husband and I took our first ballroom dancing lesson on Friday night.  It was a blast and we plan on doing it weekly. 

9.  My in-laws kept the kiddos OVERNIGHT on Friday, so after our lesson we went to eat with another couple in our class.  My in-laws rock!

10.  I failed to mention that I went to Women of Faith conference last weekend.  It was a nice refresher before the new school year.  But I still needed this long weekend.  Oh yes, I did! I am now a big Nicole C. Mullen fan.  I am listening to her right this very minute.

11.  I ended up teaching a keyboarding class on Thursdays to the upper school kids.  I was not so sure about it but it is basically a typing class (I took this class on an IBM tan fat typewriter a million years ago).  I did discover that I type 62 words per minute.  The program is now on my hard drive and I will practice.  Did you know I am a bit competitive?!?! 

12.  I have used 5 ink cartridges on school stuff.  I thought I was supposed to be making money…..

13.  iTunes is my new friend.  I use my Ipod in the classroom now so I have such a grand excuse to download songs.  At least that is what I am telling the husband.  🙂

14.  Did I mention my baby is almost six?

15. And that she only had one of her five bears remaining this week at school?  The goal is to keep all five, not lose any.  So we have issues…

16.  I only had a total of 6 crying episodes in class this week.  Last year, I averaged 6 a day.  So far, I am having a good year.  Of course one of my students decided to crawl under the bathroom stall with her pants pulled down.  I am called to teaching.  I am called to teaching.  I am called to teaching. 

17.  I am embarrassed to admit what I am about to purchase on iTunes.  Let’s just say my husband is laughing at me.

18.  The end.  I am going to spend time with the most wonderful man on this earth.  Good thing I am married to him.

Sleep well, y’all.


  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted August 31, 2008 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    My goodness, when do you have time to sleep? Thanks for the catch-up, I was thinking of you this week and wondering how teaching was going after your first day. God bless…

  2. Sheli
    Posted September 1, 2008 at 10:07 pm | Permalink

    My most gracious husband bought me an i-pod for my birthday…needless to say, I screamed for joy!!!

  3. Posted September 2, 2008 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    Good luck with your class of little darlings.

    I’m with you on all things procrastination–it’s a struggle with me too.

    So, what DID you order on iTunes? 🙂

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