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I woke up this morning surprised that it was already Tuesday.  It was a nice feeling to have Monday past us, esp. since school was not a part of that day this week.  As I opened my eyes, my mind started going down the list of things I had to do for the day. 

I should have shut my eyes, rolled over, and ignored the alarm (that was actually the sound of the husband in the shower). 

But I am just not that smart. 

So at 5:58am, I jumped up (do you believe that?) and headed straight to the coffee pot.  Can somebody tell me why I drink decaf at dark thirty hour? I started breakfast (sliced the homemade bread, made the egg mixture, and set out plates and drinks) so I could hand it over to the husband while I dressed.  I put ice packs in the lunches (I prepare them the night before with Pumpkin’s help) and packed my lunch. 

Two of the three munchkins arose and gave me drowsy hugs as I raced to the shower.  Little Miss said she was “very, very sleepy” and needed a shower.  As I got dressed, I let her wake up in the shower.  Like mother, like daughter. 

Got dressed.  Did the girls’ hair.  Wrote a check for the Lad’s drumline materials.  Made sure I had the Ipod in my school bag and loaded up the van.  I forgot to grab breakfast for myself.  Back to the kitchen for a quick bite for the road and a refill on the coffee. 

We chatted with our Spanish speaking neighbor as we redid the hairstyle on the driveway at 7:01.  Little Miss was satisfied and climbed into the car.  Kissed the husband.  Shooed kids in to the car but remembered that the husband was coming with us to school but in his car.  He took the older two and Little Miss and I headed to the DQ to pick up the three kids in carpool. 

I realized that we had forgotten to fill up with gas last night.  Uugh!  I wanted to get to school early today. 

Fetched the kids, quized the fourth graders on their spelling words for the pretest.  Turned the radio off and for the first time, had a wee chat with my Lord.  Stopped by for gas, cleaned out the trash in my trash receptacle then continued on to the school. 

Arrived at school and realized that the songs we downloaded for the ipod that the husband needed for chapel were still on the hardrive.  Scrambled to find the husband to tell him of my discovery.  Parents caught me in the hall, husband looking for key to the chapel, students clueless about what to do (I guess four days of routine is not sufficient).  Bell rings so I line up my class for chapel. 

The husband did an excellent job juggling and sharing the gospel during chapel.  He is my favorite speaker.  Little Miss got teary eyed seeing me there and was clingy.  My students were excellent. 

Back to class but I was so dysfunctional this morning.  Stumbled through daily math and calendar and finally got a bit of my groove during our math lesson.  Having math games helped us all. 

Wiped away tears from the same little one three times (she was a klutz today and hurt herself numerous times – which is not typical of her).  Snack and stretch went well.  I ran over to give my assistant for the day more instructions, ran to the bathroom, grabbed some water, and had a conversation on the sidewalk with a fellow teacher about students needing reading tutoring. 

Tried to get my reading groups in order but my groove was nowhere to be found.  Evidently, the students did not have one either.  No independent work happening today!

Worked on reading levels and sending books home during lunch.  Stuffed my face while chatting with 2nd grade teacher about reading program.  Ran over to the lunchroom to check on my students AND my Little Miss.  Sang Happy Birthday to a student, ran to the bathroom, set out mats for rest time and set out books for reading assessments. 

Took a swig of water. 

Got the kids down and pulled a few to read to me. 

Bell rang.  I was done.

Not really.  I had to finish preparing things to send home with the kiddos and get organized for the next day.  Realized when I got home that I am not at all ready for tomorrow.

Looked at the clock and realized I had to scoot. Signed Pumpkin out and started towards the dentist.  Made phone calls to arrange care for the other two children. 

Sat at dentist’s office while Pumpkin had two teeth extracted.  Took out a mortgage to pay for it then ran Little Miss’ b-day invitations to friends. Took her to get a milkshake but her mouth was too sore to enjoy any treats.  We settled for the coffee house as we waited for my dear friend Tiff to drop off Little Miss. 

The Lad went home with a friend.  Chatted with Tiff for a while, got a call from a parent and had to settle a thing or two.  Mom called and met us there.  Tiff left and the girls and I joined Nana to run a few errands for the b-day party.  Went to the (100) dollar store, ran by my folks’ house to get Papa and that dog of theirs.  Came home, threw the manicotti I prepared last night into the oven.  Made garlic bread out of the bread made last night.  Cut up fruit, checked homework and email, talked to the husband via cell phone.  Supper on table, all to table.  Eat, devotions, clean.  Throw kids in shower, book time (nice to have two extra grownups to read with the kids).  Kisses from that dog, prayers, silence.

Finished cleaning up, checked facebook, hung up towels, started a load of laundry, printed off things for school.  Put the husband to work assembling readers and decided to visit the land of blogging. 

So here I am boring you to tears.  I just had to write down what my typical day looks like.  Well, it wasn’t completely typical b/c I did not work out after school or wait around for carpool.  I usually rush home and start dinner at 4:50 but had it oven ready so I decided to do a few errands.

Now I must set clothes out for tomorrow, review lesson plans and enjoy my book for a few mniutes.  The past week, however, I have not read more than 4 pages before falling asleep. 


If I wasn’t tired before starting this post, I am now after reading it.

Oh!  And I just recalled about 9 other big things I did today but I will spare you the details.

As I was proofreading this post, I realized how hectic my life is but I manage to receive so much joy.  I love my life.  Yes, I would prefer not working at all but I do feel blessed to be where I am.  I must insert here how EXTREMELY helpful and supportive my husband is.  He rocks!

Oh!  And so does my God!



  1. Posted September 3, 2008 at 3:48 am | Permalink

    Sounds truly overwhelming! I’m glad you’re finding joy in it, though . . .

  2. Den Relojo
    Posted September 3, 2008 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    Sometimes life could be so ritualistic. And it;s magnificent that some people manage to make them special and enjoyable, like yourself!

    Nice blog! Nice theme! Keep it up!

  3. Posted September 11, 2008 at 8:03 am | Permalink

    Hey – I know this day! 🙂 Different tasks, of course, but that constantness and trying to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. I can’t believe you remembered it all to write it down – good job! 🙂

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